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AROS One x86 Work In Progress

Last updated on 2 days ago
Posted 7 months ago
Compiled WormWars Amiga version for AROS, seems to work very well, I thank Minuous for introducing me to this game.

Posted 6 months ago
From Contrib added among the Utilities of the forthcoming AROS One v2.4 'WorldTime', a clock capable of showing the time of any city in the world.
Times are calculated automatically using data provided by the user.

Posted 6 months ago
In addition to all the icon series available on AROS One, a new set of Disk Icons with the new AROS One logo has been added!

Updates of the Core, and third-party software on AROS One continue, the new Core (C Library) has integrated well on AROS one, but at the moment the new Core is not complete, so we don't know if it will be available for the next AROS One 2.4, probably it will be for AROS one 2.5 or AROS One 2.6, we'll see.

Posted 6 months ago
Juan Carlos has updated some of his games, this is AstralGame, you can find it on Aros-archive, the features:

With this esoteric program you can discover:
1. Astral, chinese, maya haab and tzolkin and celt zodiac signs.
2. Your magic personal number.
3. The moon phase, useful for seed germination.
4. The celt-wiccan holydays or sabbats.
5. Different events like christmas, seasons, etc.

Keyboard shortcuts:
ESC: To exit from the program.
SpaceBar: Minimize/Hide the program.

Available in the next languages:
Spanish. English. French. German. Italian

Posted 6 months ago
Updated ZuneARC, fixed the config, now it unzips TAR.Z archives correctly!
Posted 6 months ago
Added on AROS One 'Abbaye Des Morts' is an old-school game in the style of Ghost'n Goblins or Rick Dangerous, and can be played in both FullScreen and WindowsMode.

Posted 6 months ago
Tested with AROS One (Library C), successfully tested version of AmiFox v05b, as well as fixing a few bugs allows downloading from the 'itch.io' site !

Posted 6 months ago
Aggiunto su AROS One "Potrace v1.16 ", i Binari erano già presenti in una sottocartella di AmiFIG-Suite e ZuneFIG, ora "Potrace" è presente in Extras/Graphics/Potrace con Readme, Source e PotraceGUI che consente di avviare la GUI di "Potrace" da una Icona.

Potrace is a tool for tracing a bitmap, which means, transforming a bitmap into a smooth, scalable image.
The input is a bitmap (PBM, PGM, PPM, or BMP), and the output is one of several vector file formats.
A typical use is to create SVG or PDF files from scanned data, such as company or university logos, handwritten notes, etc.
The resulting image is not "jaggy" like a bitmap, but smooth. It can then be rendered at any resolution.

Potrace can currently produce the following output formats: SVG, PDF, EPS, PostScript, DXF, GeoJSON, PGM (for easy antialiasing of pixel-based images), Gimppath, and XFig. Additional backends might be
added in the future.

A separate program, mkbitmap, is also provided. This program can act as a pre-processor for Potrace, applying scaling and various filters to an image before converting it to a bitmap. This is useful for
potracing greyscale and color images.

Posted 6 months ago
On Dopus4 with "Click M Click" it is possible to unpack an ADF as if it were an Archive, no need to do ADF mount.

ADF images, on the other hand, can be unpacked/converted into ADF files.

Posted 6 months ago
RNOEffects v2.0, a new version of the Multiplatform Image Processing Program focused on a good number of
of conversion options, alpha channel-based effects and Pixel editing, works well on the new AROS One v.24 (C Library)


- Around 30 different image processing effects including drop shadows,
elliptical crop, and other effects that would need several steps for other
similar programs
- Drawing options for brushes, text, lines, ellipses, boxes, and arrows
- Batch converter and image joining/combining tools
- All effects can be applied to images in a freely selectable order in a
batch conversion or image joining/combining process
- Unlimited number of images can be joined into a single image
- Built-in pixel editor with configurable drawing options for left, middle,
and right mouse buttons
- Supports saving to PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000 (JP2/J2K), GIF, ILBM, BMP, TIFF
(Flate/JPEG), and all Amiga icon formats
- Supports both RGB and Palette modes for saving
- Can save and use custom palettes
- Can save images as chunky data
- Chunky images and palettes can be saved as C source code
- Can save multiple images as a single PDF or video file
- ARexx support

Posted 5 months ago
New look for OWB, I reactivated the favicons and set the default Theme Buttons Black, the new version of OWB (Library C) works very well, you can see Youtube videos even if they are disturbed by a beam of light beginning video!

miker1264Software Dev
Posted 5 months ago

The black buttons look really nice!

Great work. Thank you.
Posted 5 months ago
For those who use VMware will have noticed that on GRUB the keyboard does not work (on VirtualBox it does), so it was not possible to choose and start other items in the Menu.

Today doing a little bit of testing I managed to enable on VMware the keyboard on GRUB, it is a simple operation, once loaded the GRUB just put the Mouse so that the window is active, and press one of the keys "Win" either left or right, done this will activate the keyboard.

Now as on VirtualBox you will be able to use either the Arrow Keys for movement, the "e" key to edit or issue other commands, or the CTRL+x keys to forward typed commands

With this I confirm the presence on the GRUB of AROS One an entry that allows you to directly start "Early Startup Control" for avii Volumes management, run applications such as Dopus4 etc..
Posted 5 months ago
I have been betatester to the new version of LoView, soon to be released for all platforms.

I created a small video where with LoView performs a SlideShow with music, LoView supports all popular graphic and music formats !

I am also being a betatester to another Multimedia software, now also in AROS x86 version at my request, it is Control Sonos.

Sonos Controller lets you control your precious Sonos speakers from any Amiga
connected to the same network.

Posted 5 months ago
Sonos Controller has been installed on the new AROS One, at the moment the author has not yet officially distributed the AROS version, possibly will ask if I can put it on Aros-Archive !

I could not test the operation because I do not have a Sonos Controller at home, if anyone has a Sonos Controller at home, and would like to try it, if authorized I could send a copy !

AMIGASYSTEM attached the following image:
Posted 5 months ago
Present on next AROS One v2.4 Protrekkr, Tracker program with advance features.

Main features:

- 16 multi-notes tracks (with 256 virtual channels).
- Samples editor (can load up to 64 bits stereo samples).
- Patterns based tracker style sequencer.
- Synthesizer with custom waveforms support.
- Samples loop editor.
- 2 303s units.
- Cubic spline interpolation.
- Wav files import/export.
- 16 or 32 bits wav rendering.
- Multi effects engine with reverb, distortion, filters, delay, EQs, flanger,
- Fully customizable 10 combs reverb.
- Protracker .mod files import.
- Samples compressor handling Gsm/Mp3/TrueSpeech/ADPCM/8 Bit (not on Linux or
Mac OS X yet).
- And maybe more...

This is a FREEWARE tool, this means that you can use it for whatever you wantand
for free.
There's N

AMIGASYSTEM attached the following image:
Posted 5 months ago
AROS One v2.4 "C Library" is on the way, I am proceeding with the creation of the ISO and USB Image, finished testing it will be available for Distribution, so many new features, in Extra there is also a Folder that includes the "MusicDisks" !

AMIGASYSTEM attached the following image:
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 5 months ago
For ISO image, can you test-install it on VirtualBox before relase? I had issue with 2.3 where it was crashing VirtualBox during installation process.
Posted 5 months ago
Strange, on VirtualBox "Windows7" I always tested both 2.3 and 2.4 and never had any problem !

The video you see below I created it on AROS One 2.4 beta on VirtualBox, AROS One 2.4 beta I also tested it with the latest version of VirtualBox 7.0.14

Edited by amigamia on 11-02-2024 11:27, 5 months ago
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 5 months ago
It's probably not a general problem. I will try to install 2.4 once it's out and wanted to make sure it was confirmed to be installable on VirtualBox
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