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AROS One 2.4 Released

AROS One 2.4 Released
AROS One 2.4 is now available for Download, in this release there have been a lot of changes mainly on the Core now compiled with the C library, this will not change anything for users but it is very important for developers because it facilitates and simplifies porting and compiling software.

AROS One 2.4 has to be installed from scratch because it is no longer compatible with the old Cores and the old software included in the large Contrib archive. Nothing is lost because the same software was included in the new Contrib compiled with the C Library, eventually for those who have their own configurations they could make a backup and manually insert them into the new system. This is the most Stable version of AROS x86 ever released, so many fixes are related to Wanderer and Hardware compatibility, also the hardware compatibility catalog has been reformulated, HERE you can browse it. you can browse it. Thanks to all the developers and all those who contribute financial support. AROS One x86 v2.4 ISO DVD & USB Flash: Download
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