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Software 08/20/2022

MUI Vim 8.2.4424

MUI-Vim is a port of the editor Vim for AmigaOS4, AROS and MorphOS. This editor is intended for editing programs as well as plain text files. Multi-level undo, syntax highlighting, command line history, block operations and scripting are some of the features. Ola 'sodero' Söder has now ported VIM 8.2.4424, fixing the following bugs:
  • AROS graphical...
Software 07/31/2022

AmiTube 1.3

Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow's AmiTube enables watching YouTube videos on an Amiga and AROS. They are converted to Commodore's CDXL format and downloaded.
Software 01/01/2022

Twins IDE (New IDE for AROS?)

Developer 'serk118' has started developing a text editor called 'TwinsIDE' for AROS. The original plan was to either finish his work on porting AmiDE or to work on porting MurksIDE. But since MurksIDE does not support syntax highlighting, he...
Ask Your Amiga 0.2
Software 10/24/2020

Ask Your Amiga 0.2

Do your have a question, Ask Your Amiga (AYA), she knows everything and with this program she will even tell you. (Search in the Wolfram Alpha database).
AYA is a an application for all Amiga flavors and derivatives that will give you access to Wolfram Alpha. Developed by Marcus Sackrow...

AROS Archives Uploads

AROS Archives Uploads
Software 09/27/2020

  • taylormade.i386-aros.lha - TaylorMade - Interpreter for Adventure...

New beta of Icaros Desktop 2.3

New beta of Icaros Desktop 2.3
Software 09/12/2020
A brand new beta version of Icaros Desktop 2.3 is now available only as a direct download link sent to...

Hollywood Designer 5.0 Special Edition

Hollywood Designer 5.0 Special Edition
Software 09/08/2020
Hollywood Designer 5.0 is a multimedia authoring system that runs on top of Hollywood...