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ICAROS Specific Threads
227 posts | Last Activity on 11-03-2013 16:31 by emeck
emeck 11-03-2013 16:31, 11 years ago
Re: Icaros 1.5.1
@rebreist @magorium Thanks. I already have a crosscompiler for targeting AOS3.x under Linux. Just curious if it was possible with AROS too.
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magorium 11-03-2013 14:57, 11 years ago
Re: Icaros 1.5.1
Hi emeck, afaik no. But i am not very familiar with gcc. You could try and build a crosscompiler yourself. Just recently a guide written by troy was [url=http://archives.aros-exec.org/?function=showfile&file=document/development/amiga_gcc_build_eng.pdf] posted on the archives[/url] that explains how to build a AOS crosscompiler for windows/linux. In case of problems you could try and get some help on aros-exec (although amiga is not really their topic) or at amigacoding.de.
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rebraist 11-03-2013 07:08, 11 years ago
Re: Icaros 1.5.1
Sorry, I am of no help here... Just for saying "all is possible", but i don't think there's any crosscompiler implemented under aros. A workaround is installing an emulated amiga environment in Icaros via juae and compile m68k executables in emulation.
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emeck 10-03-2013 18:35, 11 years ago
Re: Icaros 1.5.1
Hi guys, since you are talking about compilation too, is it possible to crosscompile to AOS3.x using Icaros gcc?
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rebraist 10-03-2013 14:11, 11 years ago
Re: Icaros 1.5.1
Yeah! I rarely install it natively, for the same reason. Just some days ago i natively installed 1.5.1, saving work partition to use data. But it's really fast! And i thought it's worth to substitute 1.4.x. edit: just to say, the fastest aros distro in everyday use is aspireos. @zgrub Just uploaded 0.0.6. Let's say now comes the tough stuff: i'd forgotten (along the way) to code nvidia and igma modes, so they are not correctly (fully)recognised. Next step will be just this: model nvidia and igma modes. It's "tough stuff" because i have to read (and learn) all their options (if any) from aros source. Vesa is quite simple: xres yres, freq, depth and a little more. Then i will complete saving on disk part. That's (in my mind) quite completed: when i load it, all grub is splitted in a dynamical linked list, so, saving it's a very similar process to load. Let's say in a ten years or something less it'll be ready!!!:D
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magorium 10-03-2013 13:38, 11 years ago
Re: Icaros 1.5.1
Yes i have :) It is indeed (at least for vesa-mode) the fastest boot and experience i ever withnessed with AROS (not that it says much as i am only recently around :D). It's just that i'm always short on time to actually install it on a native machine (currently running 1.4.something) as i need to re-install all my custom stuff's. And that is no fun doing it, say every half year or so. My VBox dev is even 1.3.3 :shame: Hopefully paolone can keep the seperation of system files strict enough for us to at least being able to upgrade for a longer period of time now. As this 'feature' is new in 1.5 release, i'm very conservative. Big(ger) chances are probably coming soon. \o/ (which reminds me, we really could use native subversion). How's zgrubber going ? :)
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rebraist 08-03-2013 19:21, 11 years ago
Re: Icaros 1.5.1
Have you tried it? I find it's really a nice piece of software! I'm using it as a virtual machine and i have to say it's very speedy! I'm working on a C project and the booting and compiling with gcc it's much more speedy than 1.4.x! Really! Try it!
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