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AROS One x86 v2.2 Released

AROS One x86 v2.2 Released
New release of AROS One x86, many new features included in this new version, many software have been updated and new software has been added, even the games section includes new games installed.

AROS One x86 v2.2 includes the "Aros One x86" manual in PDF, GUIDE, HTM and DOC (PC-Windows) formats.

More information on all updates can be found at AROS One x86 (google.com)

Update Core ABIv0 :
- InstallAROS (Fix DualBoot)

Update AROS One OS System:

- On USB Image live created link to InstallAROS on Wanderer
- Create Script and related Icon for SMB2-Dismount
- Fix AmiStart menu
- Add AmiStart Prefs Script/Icon "No Backdrop"
- View Font "TTF" and "bitmap fonts" on Wanderer and Dopus4 with a simple double-click.
- New Themes OS4 by Miker
- New and fix Themes AROS One
- Fix Theme (Animation Gadget)
- Improved and enlarged Wanderer top bar
DigiClock 'in transparent mode' is now placed on the top bar of Wanderer
- Add Source MUIClass on Free Pascal IDE
- Created Descriptor Datatypes PAS (Source Free Pascal)
- Created Icon Def_PAS (Source Free Pascal)
- ZuneARC, new AROS One icon-style buttons
- Fix def_ADF.info
- Fix Pointer Prefs (deadwood)
- OWB: Set as search engine DuckDuckGo (faster)
- LilCalendar can now also be found in Utilities
- DiskImageGUI moved to Utilities
- Complete installation packages of 4 types of Disk icons and 4 types of Drawer icons, plus 2 types of Apps icons, all icons were created by me for AROS One. The icons are only available for private use, not allowed to be used on other operating systems.

Update AROS One Apps:
 - Loan
 - ssh2fs v53.1
 - SilkRAW v2.0
 - AmiDream v0.2
 - Zip.hwp v2.0 (PlugIn Hollywood)
 - DigiClock v1.2 (update)
 - Image2PDF v2.3
 - AmiTranslate v0.3
 - LilCalendar v2.7
 - V.A.M.P. v3.10
 - ArosVNC Single Threaded and MultiThreaded Fix
 - WebpTools v1.3.2
 - RNOSlides v1.0
 - HollywoodSP Spanish Catalog for Hollywood 10

Update AROS One Games:
- Open Jazz Jackrabbit Xmas Full
- Siete Y Media v1.10 (Update)
- Blackjuan Poker Card v1.10 (Update)
- BlackIvan v1.0
- Golf GolfSolitaire v1.0
- Free Abuse v0.71
- Pingus v0.7.6
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