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AROS One 1.8 Released

AROS One 1.8 Released
New version of AROS One x86 has been released. This version includes lots of new features, a new Core compilation with GCC 6.5.0, updated or fixed installed software. In addition to Amistart, BoingIconBar, a multi ToolBar that can be navigated through the right mouse button or through the mouse wheel (highlight the bar first), has also been installed. Amistart and BoingIconBar can be swapped in the system.

    • System
      • OWB Set path Certificates (Env-Archive/SYSCertificates)
      • Dopus4 Config (Added DH1 and USB Buttons)
      • Dopus4 Skin White
      • Fixed Variable DEVELPATH e EXTRASPATH (For those who install Development, Extras and Demos on DH1)
      • User-Startup (Fixed new paths DEVELPATH and EXTRASPATH)
      • Amistart (Added Reboot entry)
      • BlackIce Theme (Fixed Iconify and added DirUp button)
      • Amistart Prefs (Cat's eyes Presets)
      • AmiStart (Added item fix paths Development, Extras, also work if they are installed on DH1Reboot)
      • AmiStart (Install)
      • Update Theme Manager (Before Wanderer Skin Prefs)
      • BoingIconBar (Install)
      • BoingIconBar (link to change skins)

    • Applications
      • OWB (link to change skins)
      • ZuneARC (link to change skins)
      • Add Tab Images for App Theme Prefs
      • Now the "Lua" package is located in the SYS:Tools path.
      • New DualPNG Icons in the Emulation Section.
      • ZuneARC (extract/delete a single file from LHA archives)
      • Eliminated no longer needed: Development/share/doc/openssl
      • Eliminated no longer needed: Development/share/man/man3
      • Switch v1.3
      • E-UAE v0,8.29 WIMP4 GTK-MUI GUI
      • App Theme Preferences Update
      • AmiTube v1.2 (now shows thumbnail preview of searched videos)
      • Tools Development Dos
      • Muibase v4.5
      • Font Tester v1.20
      • AWeather v1.0
      • RNOArchive v1.1
      • IconClone New version by miker

  • Games
    • New icons on style Aros One for Drawer and Exe
    • AmiBrixx
    • BubbleTrain
    • NetBubble
    • DonCeferinoHazana
    • Ami-Ingenious

AROS One x86 v1.8 ISO DVD: Download
AROS One x86 v1.8 USB Flash: Download
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