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9017 6 nikos
01/03/2019 07:26
aros-exec no more.
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4180 11 magorium
10/30/2018 20:39
DELL Latitude D520
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5423 34 nikos
10/18/2018 11:57
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10/14/2018 17:50
Video Overlay
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10/02/2018 08:34
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09/30/2018 03:03
Top bar.
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09/29/2018 17:03
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09/26/2018 04:57
Putting AROSWorld.org for s...
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09/24/2018 07:32
A week in AROS...
in Development General
39791 172 magorium
05/27/2017 23:49

A week in AROS...

Last updated on 3 years ago
16.05.2017 - 22.05.2017:

- gifanim datatype descriptor added (Kalamatee)
- autodocs updated (mazze)
- AddDataTypes target cpu awareness added (Kalamatee)
- cia.h defines added (Kalamatee)
- lowlevel.library m68k timer support added (Kalamatee)
- KrnIsSuper m68k optimized (twilen)
- m68k workarounds for bad software (Oktagon controller) added (twilen)
- m68k rom init fixes (twilen)
- developer files for InstallAROS fixed (neil)
- new mirrors for third party code added (neil)

Courtesy of o1i
09.05.2017 - 15.05.2017:

- adapt code for const TagItem changes (neil)
- network card improvements (neil)
- debug build now stores debug info in .dbg files (Kalamatee)
- InitKickMemDiag fixed (twillen)
- Rom image size check added (Kalamatee)
- amiga-m68k rom fixes, a1200 should boot again (twilen)
- m68k rom size optimization (Kalamatee)
- cd-startup improvements (Kalamatee)
- add separate gifanim datatype descriptor)

Courtesy of o1i
02.05.2017 - 08.05.2017:

- autodocs/webpage updated/fixed (mazze)
- posix enhancements (Kalamatee)
- work on native git continues (Kalamatee)
- adapt network driver code to recent utility.library changes (neil)

Courtesy of o1i
25.04.2017 - 01.05.2017:

- build fixes / improvements (Kalamatee)
- 68k semaphore fix (Kalamatee)
- ffmpeg fixes (Kalamtee)
- posix enhancements (Kalamatee)
- work on native git continues (Kalamatee)
- pthreads/bsdsocket conflict solved (Kalamatee)
- autodocs updated (mazze)

Courtesy of o1i
Week of April 18th to April 24th:

- build fixes (Kalamatee)
- Vpdf compiler warnings fixed (wawa)
- Vpdf German catalog added (pollux)
- MuiMine fixed for smp builds (Kalamatee)
- Amosaic/TinyIrc build fixes (wawa)

Courtesy of o1i
Courtesy of o1i:

Week of April 11th to April 17th:

- git for AROS native (Kalamatee)
- build system improvements / fixes (Kalamatee)
- Nouveau wait_event implemented, lock added (mschulz)
- MUI autodocs improved (neil)
- moved iconv to contrib (Kalamatee)
- various source code cleanups for m68k/gcc-4.6 (wawa)

1. Hold Left-Shift, Left-Alt, Right-Shift and Right-Alt
2. Hold down a function key
3. Insert a disk
4. Take the disk out
Courtesy of o1i

Week of April 3rd to April 10th:
- Website / Documentation fixes (Mazze)
- ACPI button fixes (Kalamatee)
- SMP fixes (Kalamatee)
- SMP-smallpt test fixes (mschulz)
- IEEEDPDiv / IEEEDPMul implemented (neil)
- ATAPI device timing fixes (mschulz)
- genmodule 64-bit fixes (mschulz)
- stdc.library fixed (mschulz)

"The bug forces the software to adapt, evolve into something new because of it."
Courtesy of o1i

Week of April 3rd:
- Bugs in decoration code fixed (Kalamatee)
- Restructured directories for developer and debug packages (Kalamatee)
- Configure and build system improved and fixed (Kalamatee)
- APIC work continuing (mschulz)
- SysBase -> ThisTask replaced with FindTask(NULL) in many user code packages (Kalamatee)
- Work for AROS native gcc-6.3 started (Kalamatee)
- Website spring cleanup (Mazze and Kalamatee)
- "A week in AROS ..." (o1i)

Thank you very much for having us informed all this time with your weekly progress reports (and of course all your other efforts and support).

For sure you will be missed

We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon again. Take care mate, and good luck with whatever you'll encounter on your path !

Week of March 29th:
- Crash in Decoration has been fixed (Kalamatee)
- Task list refresh problem in SysMon has been fixed (Kalamatee)
- Boot-time crashes fixed in x86_64 AROS kernel (mschulz)
- Timeouts in ahci.device have been increased (DizzyOfCRN)

Note: This is the last post in "A week in AROS" from me. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a person interested in continuing this work.
Week of March 20th:
- Poseidon USB stack is being fixed for 64bit systems (mschulz)
- Fixes in rendering in AROS window decoration implemented (Kalamatee)
- Support for IRQ routing has been implemented (mschulz)
- Further corrections added for AHI to work on 64bit (Kalamatee)
- 64bit support in AC97, HDAudio and SB128 audio drivers has been implemented (Kalamatee)
- A fix for crash in early bootup of AROS i386 and x86_64 kernels has been implemented (mschulz)
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