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Irritating bug of the month - April 2024

Last updated on 4 days ago

Poll: IBOTM - April 2024

    #140 (Wanderer: Changing the disk label does not work) [1/19]5 %
    #125 (You can access a drawer icon even if the directory assigned to it does not exist) [5/19]26 %
    #120 (Incorrect Leave Out and Put away behavior if it involves icons from USB flash drive) [0/19]0 %
    #116 (Wanderer: Allow deleting by pressing Del key) [8/19]42 %
    #105 (DiskInfo showing OFS instead of FAT) [5/19]26 %
    #25 (Shell won't open from icon that leave out) [0/19]0 %
Posted 4 days ago
Tested the new "DiskInfo" on AROS One and it works perfectly, see screenshot !

Even the floppy disk icon on the Shared (SMB2) disappeared, although then the filesystem is not recognized
miker1264Software Dev
Posted 4 days ago
Very nice! Thank you. Smile

And thanks to Kalamatee.
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 5 days ago
Hi All,

Here is a fix for bug #105. This was implemented by Kalamatee around a year ago and now ported to ABIv0


As you can see on screen shot, both FAT disk and pendrive show file system correctly. Also the floppy disk icon in file system name is gone. If you find a case where the file system is still invalidly reported, please let me know.
Edited by deadwood on 17-04-2024 05:27, 5 days ago
amigamia, retrofaza, miker1264, aha
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Amiwell79Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 18 days ago
Thank you Deadwood
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 20 days ago
And the voting is now closed!

Two bugs that will be tackled in April are: #116 and #105. Like
pixie, miker1264, Argo, Deremon
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 22 days ago
Hi All,

Just a reminder - one day left to vote!

As it stands right now, the winner of the poll would be #116, and the winner in total votes would be #105.

Total votes:
#123 - 12
#116 - 13
#105 - 13

However, as you can see we have a very tight race this month, so even one vote can now make the difference. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out...
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 25 days ago
Ok, thanks for translation. Bug #140 is not about Relabel shell command, but about using Icon->Rename from Wandeder menu to relabel a disk.
Posted 25 days ago
Sorry I thought I wrote it in English, now it is translated !

SmartWB is not directly addressing bug #140, but what I had written in post #4, in the sense that after the relabel, the new name would be immediately visible, without using the procedure I described in post #4.
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 25 days ago

Your post #4 is in Italian and I don't know what relation SmartWB would have with bug #140.
Posted 25 days ago
Sorry deadwood, on that note on Aminet there is SmartWB10 which also includes sources in C.

SmartWB10 if I understand correctly allows an automatic update of the Workbench, I tried to compile it but it requires sources not in development, this could be useful if intehrated in the wanderer menu, or in the startup-sequence

Posted 26 days ago
deadwood, regarding bug #140, when using the Relabel command to rename a volume, you don't need to reboot the system to see the new name (as in the bug report), actually just do a "Refresh" on Wanderer, you get the same result by using the Backdrop comado "Menu Wanderer", just turn Backdrop activate/deactivate

This procedure also works when changing the icon to a Volume or folder, after "Refresh" from wanderer, the new icon will be visible.
Posted 27 days ago
Voted for #116
Amiwell79Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 27 days ago
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 28 days ago

This month's IBOTM marks half a year of running this activity! To celebrate this, this time not one, but two bugs will be selected.

First bug will be selected using regular rules via the poll above.

Second bug, will be selected to award people who have been consistent on voting on things they find important but didn't have enough luck each time. The second bug will be selected by highest number of total votes in last 5 polls and combined with this poll.

The current total scoring is as follows:

#125 -> 7
#116 -> 6
#105 -> 8

In case both method end up selecting the same bug, the bug with second most total points will be selected.

As usual, you can read descriptions of bugs here: https://github.com/deadwood2/AROS/labels/IBOTM

Have fun and vote!
retrofaza, miker1264, Farox, magorium
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