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AROS One x86 Work In Progress

Last updated on 3 days ago
Posted 1 month ago
In the next release ofAROS One the default search engine "Google" on OWB has been replaced with "DuckDuckGo", see screenshot !

The reason for the change, "DuckDuckGo" seems to be less demanding, faster and lighter !

Posted 1 month ago
Thanks to deadwood, the Pointer prefs has been fixed, users of AROS One x86 2.1 will simply have to replace the executable "Pointer prefs in attachment"


Posted 1 month ago
Installed on AROS One the new version 2.3 of Image2PDF, in the first place its meant to convert scans done with e.g. Scandal or Scanquix to PDF documents in certain output formats like A3, A4, A5, Legal, Letter or ImageSize, but it can be used tom convert other image files too.

Image2PDF is "EmailWare" and free to use without any restrictions !!

Just send an email to get your free keyfile with your chosen name.

Donations for the developer are always gratefully received

Posted 1 month ago
Updated Free Pascal, created Descriptor Datatypes PAS (Source Free Pascal), created Icon Def_PAS (Source Free Pascal), see screenshot.

Now on AROS One to compile a Free Pascal source just click on its Icon, to choose to perform the Compilation or other desired operation.

Posted 1 month ago
New version of LilCalendar installed on the upcoming AROS One 2.2 !

LilCalendar 2.5 includes new options among them the alternative display that looks as if it were transparent using a screen capture for the background image.

The alternate display has many options:
Analog or digital clock display
Analog clock size:
quantity, length, and color of tick marks
color, length, width of hr, min, and second hand
Font size and shadow for text
Color and bold selection:
Digital clock
Month and year (click to toggle navigation)
Weekdays header
Calendar days (free, busy, today)

Lil Calendar is a versatile calendar and reminder program using ZUNE/MUI 3.8+ and an existing functional SQLite3
installation in your path. SQLite3 may be found on Aminet or already exists in AROS One and icAros distributions. The Hollywood
SQLite plugin and MUIRoyale plugin are also required. These can also be found on Aminet or the Hollywood web

Posted 1 month ago
New version 3.10 of V.A.M.P. player installed on AROS One

This multimedia player is programmed with Hollywood 10.0 and it is with part of source code from Andreas Falkenhahn examples to VideoPlayer and AnimPlayer, but with a real use instead of the fantasy examples.

Also is a little tool to test the multimedia formats supported or not for Hollywood in your proyects made with this language.

V.A.M.P. display the next multimedia formats currently:

- Amiga Anim formats: anim, anim5, ham6, ham8, yafa.
- MovieSetter movies format.
- Web animation formats: gif, apng.
- Show pictures: jpg, png, gif, lbm, bmp, svg, jp2(jpeg 2000), tiff, pcx, webp with WarpDT datatypes.
- Video format support: cdxl, ogg Theora, avi, mov, mpeg, mpg, wmv, flv, mp4, DivX.

Posted 1 month ago
New look of ZuneARC buttons for the next version of AROS Obe x86.

Now on AROS One x86 there are 5 button themes to choose from, the new images are in a circular frame in the style of the new AROS One icons.

To install the new Buttons just run the respective icon, immediately ZuneARC will open with the chosen theme, and it will be saved as the default theme.

Posted 1 month ago
Updated on AROS One the Card Games "Siete Y Media" and "Blackjuan Poker Card" by Juan Carlos Herran Martin, those who would like to update their AROS One now, find the new versions of "Siete Y Media" and "Blackjuan Poker Card" at archives.aros

Posted 1 month ago
New update for LilCalendar on AROS One x86/68k !

Version 2.6
- Fixed crash adding/editing calendar within limpid display
- Added deletion of calendar along with associated items
- Updated LilCalendar.guide
- Added UK, Scottish, Northern Irish holiday AREXX script provided by Alys Medi Jones

Posted 1 month ago
Created a script that allows via icon (see screenshot) to disable the background on the Amistart bar !

Of course you will be able to reactivate the background using one of the appropriate scripts found in the AmiStart Big or AmiStart Small folders.

Posted 27 days ago
Added on AROS One x86 "Free Abuse", Abuse is a dark 2D side-scrolling platform game developed by Crack dot Com in 1995. It features beautiful lighting, realistic animation and nasty alien-like creatures to destroy.

Posted 22 days ago
One more card game included on the new AROS One x86, it is the famous solitaire "GOLF"

Posted 16 days ago
Successfully tested on AROS One the new ARNOSlides v1.0 !

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Posted 4 days ago
New game for AROS One, this is Pingus 'Lemmings' clone, the game also includes a Level Editor.

Posted 3 days ago
Update on AROS One WebpTools v1.3.2
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