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FreePascal 3.2.0 for all Amiga systems & AROS

FreePascal 3.2.0 for all Amiga systems & AROS

ALB has released version 3.2.0 of FreePascal is released. This is the first final release contains the Amiga style systems fully usable. This is release 3.2.0 FreePascal packages for Amiga 68k, Amiga OS4, AROS for ARM, AROS for i386 and MorphOS. So basically all versions except AROS for x86_64 because that’s still too unstable to use (mainly the AROS 64 bit is still a moving target and I was not able to fix that, because AROS is simply not working after the last changes and my last questions about it got just ignored)

– Amiga 68k OS3.x+ 68020+ SoftFPU
– Amiga OS4 OS4.x PowerPC (X5000 not supported)
– AROS ARM RasPi 1-4 ABIv0
AROS i386 ABIv0
– MorphOS OS 3.x

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