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Tiny AROS 2.5 by Amiwell

Tiny AROS 2.5 by Amiwell
A new version of Tiny AROS 2.5 is available for download from TinyAROS as well as additional packs which extend the base image with games, and with this version, development tools. Below is a list of available tools and applications in the base image or head to Tiny AROS homepage for more..

  • DOpus4-File Manager
  • Lilcalendar-Calendar
  • owb-Browser web
  • wookiechat-Chat
  • modexplorer-Streaming mod files from internet
  • amicastplayer-Streaming amiga comunity podcast
  • BeeBase-Multiplatform database
  • Leu-spreadsheet
  • rnopublisher-Publisher
  • zunepaint-Bitmap paint and manipolation
  • zunefig-Vector graphics 
  • rnoeffect-Image effects and utility
  • silkraw-Import raw file from a digital camera
  • audioevolution 4-DAW
  • pxdrum-Little drum machine
  • protrekkr-Professional tracker based program
  • framebuild-Slideshow image
  • slarti-Videotitler
  • FractalVoyager-Fractal Generator
  • arsfsdoctor-Recovery hd
  • RNOArchive-Tools Archiver
  • Crono-Make a Calendar Easy
  • egVim- Text Editor
  • gVim- Advanced Text Editor/IDE
  • RNOTunes-Player Audio
  • System Utility
  • Additionally Software Pack

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