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AROS One 1.6

AROS One 1.6
AROS One, is an AROS distribution based on ABI v0, is now available in version 1.6 for x86 computers (video, resolution of 720p recommended). It can be downloaded either as a DVD ISO file or as a USB flash image.

AROS One x86 v1.6 ISO DVD: Download

AROS One x86 v1.5 USB Flash: Download (To burn the USB image we recommend using the software Rufus or Etcher)

AROS One x86: New version of my Distribution based on the new Core by Deadwood, among the novelties a USB Flash App to Create Live Pendrive, App created by Paolone that I thank and modified by me to make it compatible on AROS One.

AROS One is now also distributed in the "Pendrive Image" format, once this image is burned on a 4GB or larger Pendrive it will allow you to recreate a Live USB that can be booted on all supported PCs and consequently install AROS on HD without the need for a DVD.

If you use a Pendrive larger than 4GB, the rest of the space will remain available as a second raw partition that can be formatted later on a PC in FAT32 and used as a data exchange between AROS One and other OSes.


Test Video:

AROS One x86 v1.6: Tutorial Video (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

DualBoot AROS One / Win10: Tutorial Video (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AROS One x86 Installation on VMVare: Tutorial Video (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AROS One x86 Installation HD on VirtualBox: Tutorial Video (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AROS One x86 on PC Real Dell Inspiron Mini 910: Tutorial Video (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

What's new in AROS One v1.6

Update Applications:
- Abkviewer v0.06
- LoView v2.91
- AYA v06
- ComicOn v1.2
- Pintor Web v3.10
- Videntium Picta v2.45
- Horloge SDL
- SnapIT v1.5
- GrafX2 v2.5.1960
- Omanko v1.10
- Paste Quick v0.41
- InstallerLG v1.0.0beta2
- FontTester v1.10
- DiskImageGUI v52.34
- DosDrivers IPC0 and IPC1
- AutoActivate v1.11
- ZapperNG v1.2
- WBxCLI v0.6
- KGBArchGUI v02
- V.A.M.P. v2.30
- NTFS3G 53.4
- EXFAT v53.3
- ViewLHA v07
- Arlan v0.1
- UnRAR v6.02
- FrameBuild v.05
- PaperBox v1.1
- YAM v0.46
- Simplemail v4.6
- MCC_BetterString-11.36
- MCC_NList-0.128
- MCC_TextEditor-15.56
- MCC_TheBar-26.22

Update Operating System:
- New Zune Themes White, Gray colors
- 18 New Wanderer Themes (Backdrops, Skins Windows and Pointers)
- 4 OWB Themes
- Wanderer Icons (File Directory "Detail"
- New Disk Image Device Icons
- Theme for FrameBuild v.05
- New Zune Arc Icons images
- New Def_Icon for Workbench
- New Def_Icon for Simplemail
- Upadete config Dopus4

Update Games:
- Koules
- Soliton
- Tressette
- Amifish

Update Demo:
- Acidwarp
- Jylam
- BoingDemo
- Hogwagen

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