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USB game controllers

Last updated on 1 year ago
As things are right now AROS has only basic game controller support.

Would be nice to have a more advanced controller interface where analogue sticks would be supported and a more easy way to configure them.
Iirc the lowlevel lib was designed for the Cd32. It can only read 7 buttons per port, it reads the hat or xy analog, but not both, and cannot read z-axis or rotation, Imo, if the lowlevel lib was expanded or redesigned, then joy configuration would not be such a pita.

What have the other Ng systems done?
OS4 and MorphOS have support for some controllers that is working with 2 analogue sticks and more buttons.

DizzyOfCRN is trying to implement this for AROS too now. He tried to register here so maybe he show up soon :)

Got the controller today to communicate back to the xinput.class


Only debug prints at the Trident

EDIT: Seems I don't know how to use that video embedding... I'll just leave the link... :o
It is life :D

Following this with excitement.
Tested both of my controllers (the F710 and F310) on native installation and they seem to work with the class just fine while plugged in at the same time. Had bit of a trouble with the corded one on housted. It just didn't want to play along... at all...
Cool :D
I can test my controllers if you give me the class :)
You can send to nik-tom(at)online.no
Well I'd like it to be somewhat more mature than what it is now... I've barely changed a couple of lines from one existing Poseidon class to be frank... Well, I emptied most of the code away from one and did some MUI gui's

If it wasn't for my gcc 8 point something It would only take two lines altered to get some input from the controller... :) Now the bare minimum is 4 lines...

For this to be of any use the games would need a mechanism to get to the controller, I think I'll go the XInput API way and provide a simple library for four players.

Whenever a gamepad is inserted it tries to take one of location from the four provided. If there's no room then it won't be used (or somehow unused needs to be purged)

Game could then query for the controller (just gamepad for now) and allocate it to use. A call to get the controller state is also provided, very much the same as in XInput. No need to over complicate things.

For the rumble effects we need a couple of more lines of code. The interface to the gamepad is really, really simple. More simple than what I first thought. This is good for us as I'm pretty confident that we can cook something up!

I'm assuming that a full XInput API isn't wanted? We could make this what ever we want.
Dizzy: Ok :) Just tell me when you have something ready you want me to test.
Little off topic but in Triden I have tried to configure 2 pads using the hid interface to play 2 player games in Janus-uae. I configure everything to the right ports. That is 1 and 0 and also configure this in Janus-UAE.
What happen is that the trigger button works on both ports but for port 0 I can not controll or stear anything. For port 1 everything works good.
Any clue if this is triden or janus-uae fault? Is there any other way to test this?


nikos wrote:

Cool :D
I can test my controllers if you give me the class :)
You can send to nik-tom(at)online.no

I've send you the class, compiled for AbiV1.i386 :) How is it working there?

If you press on the analog stick then there will be a lot of debug messages and at least here the Trident can't really keep up showing them, but it's just because it prints so much.

There is no wakeup code to the gamepad, that is if it is on somekind of sleep state then it will remain so and no output appears at the Trident log
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