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AROS ABIv11 20230430

Last updated on 3 months ago
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 11 months ago
Hi All,

The new release is now completed and can be downloaded from:


Below you will find final change log. Thank you everyone who tested this version. Enjoy using this release :)

I also prepared another alpha ISO, this time combining core system with contrib programs, including C and C++ compiler: https://axrt.org/development/aros-pc-x86_64-alpha-6.zip

Here is a list of known issues for the ISO:
- USB mouse/keyboard is only detected is connected during boot
- delay ~10 seconds when booting SATA disk
- nvme.device/SFS error in VirtualBox when installing
- possible NVME crash on some hardware, add 'NVME=disable' to grub command line as a workaround
- if you experience issues booting, try adding 'noacpi' or 'noioapic' to grub command line

AROS ABIv11 20230430-1 changes:

 Implemented network driver for certain nVidia chipsets (Neil)
 Synchronize Zune configuration across all builds (deadwood)
 Restore build and functioning on pc-x86_64 AROS (deadwood)
 Make native kernel more reselient in case of early error (deadwood, Kalamatee)
 Added broadcom4400.device network driver (Neil)
 Synchronize on use of ISO-8859-2 for Polish across all builds (deadwood)
 First working version of nvme.device is available (Kalamatee)
 Implemented FORMAT64 and SEEK64 commands in ahci.device (Kalamatee)
 Stabilized handling of WARM reset, implemented missing shutdown handlers (Kalamatee)
 Requesters add scroll bars if too much text is shown (Kalamatee)

 64-bit support:
 Correct size of fpos_t and ino_t C library types (deadwood)

 68k support:

 ARM support:
 muimaster.library (bugs: MUI_Request not compiling) (deadwood)
 Restore build of armhf AROS (deadwood)

 AROS build system (Kalamatee)
 libz 1.2.13 (Kalamatee)
 libpng 1.6.39 / png.library v53.2 (Kalamatee)
 freetype 2.13.0 / freetype2.library v6.6 (Kalamatee)
 libudis86 (Kalamatee)

 Functional fixes:
 Correctly handle __stdiowin when also using C library (deadwood)
 gl.library (bugs: race condition during initialization) (deadwood)
 hostgl.library (make it work with newer 64-bit hosts) (deadwood)
 exec.library (bugs: wrong disassembly due to wrong start address) (deadwood)
 ata.device (bugs: media insert/eject detection not working) (deadwood)
 muimaster.library (bugs: MUIA_String_Acknowledge not readable) (deadwood)
 png.datatype (bugs: 1-bit APLHA pngs not supported) (deadwood)
 fat-handler (bugs: partition check too strict) (deadwood)
 InstallAROS (bugs: not working with > 2GB RAM) (deadwood)
 dos.library (bugs: SFS not working with > 4GB RAM) (deadwood)
 C:Install-Grub2 (bugs: not working with > 4GB RAM) (deadwood)
 GCC (bugs: sometimes generates non-loadable executables) (deadwood)
 Kernel (bugs: wrong configuration of IRQ pins in IO-APIC, TaskReady list damaged) (deadwood)
 Area.mui (bugs: events sent when not expected to) (deadwood)
 pciusb.device (bugs: EeePC USB boot not working) (Neil)
 Register.mui (bugs: tab text cannot be formatted) (deadwood)
 String.mui, Area.mui, Cycle.mui (bugs: setting same value is causing notification) (deadwood)
 pciusb.device (bugs: too long boot delay on AspireOne ZG5) (Neil)
 ntfs-handler (bugs: accessing non existent entries) (Kalamatee)
 DiskInfo (recognize more filesystems) (Kalamatee)
 pciusb.device (workaround for MosChip MCS9990, detect addtional ports) (Kalamatee)
 Kernel (bugs: SSE registers not preserved during interrupt) (Kalamatee)
 timer.device (bugs: can issues interrupt after warm reboot) (Kalamatee)
 C:Decoration (bugs: wrong rendering of paletted pngs) (Kalamatee)
 i8042.hidd (bugs: regression in mouse detection) (deadwood)
 crt.library (bugs: wrong time returned by clock_gettime) (deadwood)

 Stability fixes:
 graphics.library (bugs: boot driver not unregistered correctly) (deadwood)
 MultiView (bugs: crash in About window when using amigaguide.datatype) (deadwood)
 exec.library (bugs: crash when showing disassembly in alert requester) (deadwood)
 Prefs/ScreenMode (bugs: crash on certain drivers) (deadwood)
 acpica.library (deadwood)
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 3 months ago

The master branch of my AROS repository has been updated with around 220 changes from main AROS repository and is now up-to-date with it.

If you have local linux-hosted compilations, it's best to do a full rebuild. The latest builds on build server, for both 64-bit and m68k, contain these changes.

Known issues:
a) Synchronization of usb 3.0 related work has been delayed to later date. As far as I understand the work is not done and it's possible that is introduces problems with existing 2.0 support
b) if you have local pc-x86_64 builds, InstallAROS process is currently broken - it will be fixed before next release.

If you detect addition issues after this update, let me know.
Posted 3 months ago
deadwood thank you for all you do !

Question, the new Contrib 20230430-1 is only for AROS ABIv11 ?

Now I can start creating an Alpha version of AROS One AROS ABIv11.
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 3 months ago
Well, there is no new ABIv11 release. 20230430-1 is still the "current" one. The previous post was only to inform about updated source in the repository.
Edited by deadwood on 04-05-2024 11:29, 3 months ago
Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 3 months ago
Thanks Deadwood I'll do some testing but I won't be releasing a new distribution at the moment
Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 3 months ago
the alpha iso boot fine i use virtualbox at moment native mode do not work "error intelGMA"
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