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Icaros 2.03 install issues on laptop

Last updated on 9 years ago
Posted 9 years ago
Hi all -

Just trying to install Icaros on my Samsung R60plus laptop (Intel core2duo, ATI express 1250 gfx, 2GB RAM) and I'm having ... issues.

I've booted the live DVD, and it's slow - one frame every 2 seconds or so, regardless of which option I choose at the GRUB bootmenu. This makes installation a bit long-winded - it's been installing for nearly 30 hours now, and it's just started unpacking the extras.

Are there any known issues with this laptop?


magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 9 years ago
Hi ZXDunny,

First of all a very welcome to these forums.

Secondly, i'm sorry to hear you run into issues booting icaros from the dvd.

No, afaik there are no specific issues with your mentioned hardware. Nevertheless, there are (or might be) some issues that concerns us all which might include your hardware as well.

NCafferkey has written a post on some workarounds (which can be found here).

It can be a bit tedious to try them all, but have you attempted any of those mentioned workarounds ?

The slow gfx refresh-rate doesn't really ring a bell for me, other than that there seems to be something 'wrong' with vesa mode (that should be fairly quick and usable).

All other options might fail because of a) non supported gfx-chipset (in which case the top grub option attempts to fall back eventually down to vga-mode which indeed can be terribly slow on some machines) and b) the somewhat 'strange' resolution that might be wrongly detected and perhaps messing things up a little.

But that's all pure speculation from this side of the screen ;)

It is known that some dvd-drives 'confuses' AROS, see also the workarounds i linked to earlier. Also try to temporary disable other sata/ata/ide devices in order to rule things out (without too much hassle), alternatively you could install AROS on a usb-pendrive (using another machine/vbox/qemu for installation to the pendrive) and try to boot that from the machine that is giving you boot/install issues.

Are you absolutely sure that the second grub boot-option also gives you those slow gfx-refresh ? (just double-checking).

Also i'm assuming you are booting from internal dvd-player ? if not and you are attempting to boot from usb, then remove all other USB peripherals, including (external) keyboard., mouse and hub (AROS dislikes USB hubs pretty much).

If you are still stuck, then please feel free to report back. Usually AROS should run 'normally', it just might be there is some hardware or setting that AROS doesn't agree on atm (in which case it's a matter of figuring out what exactly).

good luck,
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