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Undefined Symbols when linking

Last updated on 19 days ago
Posted 20 days ago
I found a good game to port, it's a Real Time Strategy game..after some changes i have code that compiles...but i have some trouble at linking.
The game uses Socket and after many hours of searching i found all the missing things in
#include <clib/bsdsocket_protos.h>
the game needs :
and many others.

Now code compile fine without errors but at linking...i have:


There are undefined symbols in 'AROS_debug/ht':
U setsockopt(int, int, int, void*, unsigned int)
U WaitSelect(int, fd_set*, fd_set*, fd_set*, timeval*, unsigned int*)
U getpeername(int, sockaddr*, unsigned int*)
U getsockname(int, sockaddr*, unsigned int*)
U bind(int, sockaddr*, unsigned int)
U recv(int, void*, int, int)
U send(int, void const*, int, int)
U accept(int, sockaddr*, unsigned int*)
U listen(int, int)
U sendto(int, void const*, int, int, sockaddr const*, unsigned int)
U socket(int, int, int)
U connect(int, sockaddr*, unsigned int)
U recvfrom(int, void*, int, int, sockaddr*, unsigned int*)
makefile.aros:97: recipe for target 'AROS_debug/ht' failed
make: *** [AROS_debug/ht] Error 1

Actually i link only with LIBS = -lnet -lSDL
On Linux only SDL is necessary.

Where i can find the missing symbols...in what library?

Edited by Farox on 03-07-2024 16:58, 20 days ago
Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 20 days ago
Thank you for your effortSmile
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 20 days ago

If I remember correctly those functions don't come from a link-library, but come from a "header". Essentially in every .c file that uses these functions, you need to

#include <proto/socket.h>

Also, you need to manually open bsdsocket.library in your code - unlike other libraries, this one is not auto-opened. Please see this code for example:

Argo, Farox, miker1264
Posted 19 days ago
Thanks i'll take a look. Smile
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