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Developers Resources

Last updated on 3 months ago
Posted 3 months ago

If you are a developer who wants to port or develop software for AROS ABIv0 (32-bit x86), this post will provide resources to help you with your work.

Compiler and SDK

Currently AROS ABIv0 provides GCC 6.5.0.

If you plan developing natively (directly on AROS), the compiler and SDK are already pre-built and available on installation disk. When installing through InstallAROS, select "Install Debugging tools and Developer software" option. After installation, GCC will be available from AROShell and Unix Shell (sh).

If you plan developing through cross-compilation, you will need to build cross-compiler and SDK on an instance of Linux. This can be done directly on Linux or indirectly on Windows.

If you plan developing through cross-compilation and you are a Windows user, the recommended method is to build AROS under Linux through WSL. The tutorial on how to do this is available here:https://arosnews.github.io/how-to-cross-compile-aros-hosted-wsl/. Please note that tutorial describes setting up environment for 64-bit and 32-bit AROS. In order to build ABIv0 32-bit x86 AROS, please setup up WSL according to first section of tutorial and then scroll down to last section named "If you want to install the i386 version" and follow instructions listed there. Remember to checkout branch alt-abiv0 in both AROS and contrib git clones in this case. Alternatively, you can set up a virtual machine with Linux installed and simply follow the section below.

If you plan developing through cross-compilation and you are a Linux user, you will need to build cross-compiler and AROS directly on your machine. The tutorial for doing this is available here, https://github.com/deadwood2/AROS/blob/alt-abiv0/INSTALL.md. Be sure to follow section on "Linux-i386". Once you complete these steps, additional steps (building contrib and making cross-compiler scripts) can be followed in "WSL" tutorial: https://arosnews.github.io/how-to-cross-compile-aros-hosted-wsl/. Remember to checkout branch alt-abiv0 in the contrib git clone.

At this point, whether you are a Windows or a Linux user, you have a cross-compiler available with full SDK as well as local compilation of AROS hosted which will allow you to quickly test your software.


Your main point of reference should be Autodocs. These are compiled from source code and thus are always up to date. You can find them here: http://www.aros.org/documentation/developers/autodocs/index.php

Next, there are two repositories of documentation on different topics related to AROS. They have different levels of freshness and up-to-dateness, but are good to show general direction. First is developers documentation on www,aros.org, and specifically:

Second is developers documentation on AROS Wikibooks, and specifically:

Last group of reference comes from documentation of projects that AROS integrates or re-implements:


There are multiple ways you can get in touch with other developers to get help and have your questions answered:

Also if you don't have any questions, but would just like to share with AROS community what you are working on, this forum is the place to post.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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