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New release of filesysbox for AROS

Last updated on 1 year ago
salass00salass00Software Dev
Posted 2 years ago
Just over seven years after the release of version 53.6 (looks like I never created a binary archive for V53.7) version 54.1 is now available for i386-aros (and also m68k-amigaos) at:

The V54.0 version which brought the AROS/OS3 backport up to a similar level as the AmigaOS 4 port feature wise was thanks to the work of BSzili.

Changes since the previous release are:

filesysbox.library 53.7 (26.4.2018)

- Got rid of all the Get****Base macros.

- Fixed an out of bounds array access in FbxUpdatePaths() which would result
in memory after the FbxFS struct being trashed.

filesysbox.library 54.0 (22.12.2022)

- Added timezone conversion code using locale.library.

- Calculate a path hash for fib_DiskKey unless FBXF_USE_INO flag is set.

- Added FBXF_USE_FILL_DIR_STAT flag to avoid unnecessary getattr() calls for
filesystems like ssh2-handler that already provide all the stat data in

- Don't treat ENOSYS return value from FbxSetAmigaProtectionFlags() as an

- Rewrote the FbxFillInfoData() function and made it set id_BytesPerBlock to
512 instead of zero if a volume is not available.

- Modified path handling for Ext2FileSystem which only accepts "/" as path
argument for the file system root directory and not "".

- Rewrote FbxReturnMountMsg() using ReplyPkt() and added a NULL msg safety

- Added some more validity checks when reading FSSM from device node in

- Added validity checks in code for getting FSSM in FbxQueryMountMsg().

- Changed CHECKVOLUME() macro to return ERROR_NOT_A_DOS_DISK instead of
ERROR_OBJECT_IN_USE when the filesystem is inhibited.

- Added semaphore protection in FbxHandleTimerEvent().

- Added the FbxQueryFS() and FbxQueryFSTags() functions.

- Added the FbxGetSysTime() function.

filesysbox.library 54.1 (14.1.2023)

- A rename operation with exactly the same source and destination is now
treated as a no-op and returns success rather than ERROR_OBJECT_EXISTS.

- Rename operations where the the only change is in letter casing (e.g.
"rename tmp TMP" ) no longer fail with ERROR_OBJECT_EXISTS on case
insensitive file system implementations.

- Advance the file position in FSWrite() also if write() returns a lower
number of bytes written than was specified.

- Implemented the same charset conversion system that is used in the latest
AmigaOS 4 filesysbox versions. Internally filesysbox still uses UTF-8 for
all strings and conversion only happens when strings are passed to or from
the AmigaDOS API. In order for the conversion to be reversible any UTF-8
characters that do not have an equivalent in the local charset will be
converted into URL-style escape sequences where the character is specified
as a base32 encoded character sequence preceded by a percent symbol.
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 2 years ago
Thank you very much for the update salass00 Like
salass00salass00Software Dev
Posted 1 year ago
Version 54.3 of the OS3/AROS filesysbox.library is now available at:

It contains important bug fixes.

OS3 and AROS ports of smb2-handler are now also available at:

As Zune didn't have an equivalent class that I could use to replace the ClassAct/ReAction requester.class (used for the password requester) I simply disabled this code in the AROS port for now, so on AROS the password will have to be specified in the DOSDriver/Mountlist entry.


You're welcome.
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 1 year ago


It contains important bug fixes.
OS3 and AROS ports of smb2-handler are now also available at:

Great ! Thank you very much for the update :thumbsup:
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