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SDL 2.0 for AROS

Last updated on 12 days ago
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Arosians,

Does anyone know if SDL 2.0 is being ported to AROS ABIv0 or v1?
I'd like to start using it to develop a new(old) video game that I have been trying to create for a while now. I want to use the process to learn more about video game development, AROS, C++ development and at the same time do the work once to port the game to other platforms.

The idea here is to develop the game with the tools available in AROS such as lunapaint, milky tracker, etc. The second part of the idea is to develop the game for AROS only first and then port it to other platforms.

The seed of this video game came many years ago when I was a high school student and due to life events, never sat down play with it. All I have is an idea and a splash image hand drawn.

The name of the video game is "Tommy Bacheroz" but I have since changed the name to "Tommy Buckaroo" to make it more internationally readable. Bacheroz is an anglicized word from "Bacherozzo" which is slang for "Bug" in Italian.
Posted 2 years ago
I would like to see SDL2 ported too. I know that BSzilli helped to port it to Morphos, but he hasn't been very active on Aros lately. The code is available if you want to try and port it, but probably not a piece of cake.

I don't think that Abi1 even has SDL1 ported yet. And I don't think that anyone would port SDL2 to Abi0, since it's not being updated much anymore.

Buckaroo, Bugs, haha sounds interesting, good luck Smile
Posted 2 years ago
Well ABIv0 is the stable version so this is actually were people should port stuff. Waiting for ABIv1 is... well... while(true);

Yet another test.


If you want to learn C++ than I suggest using some tutorials on C++11. A number of nice things have been added that change a lot how you program with standard library. I think our compiler supports C++11.
Posted 2 years ago
Hi deadwood,

I actually have been learning C++ for quite a while through university's classes (Completing my BS in CS soon). I just never used it in a real project and the job I am doesn't allow me to use it every day. I wanted to use the opportunity to learn game programming while applying what I have learned over the years. Yes C++11 is the standard I am using.

SDL looks like the best option so far but I have been looking at Love2D as well. AROS has 0.8.0 ported by Bszili Smile
Posted 2 years ago
@ deadwood

"I think our compiler supports C++11."

The default compiler on abi0 native (4.6.4) is not c++11 compatible (hint, hint). But it does accept -std=c++0x. And I'm not sure, but maybe it will accept -std=c++1l for some features.
Edited by cavemann on 12-08-2020 15:15, 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago
Actually I'm planning to update GCC to 6.5.0 as part of ABIv0 refresh. Hopefully this will give enough C++ support.
Posted 2 years ago
Very nice... expect more ports Smile
Posted 2 years ago
Indeed very good news. Thanks for your support deadwood.
Posted 9 months ago
Hi deadwood, how is the progress going with GCC 6.5?
Posted 15 days ago
Hi All,

We now have GCC 6.3.0 native in AROS and I am giving this a shot to compile SDL 2.0. Received a "Please insert volume "empty"" but clicking on cancel, seemed to have continued until the error in the attached image.
Edited by amigamia on 15-06-2022 17:20, 15 days ago
amigamia attached the following image:
Posted 13 days ago
Deadwood has released 6.5.0. It will probably be on the next version of Aros-One. I would upgrade because of some fixes. Also try spoofing linux and see what happens.
Posted 12 days ago

cavemann wrote:

@cavemann - Deadwood has released 6.5.0. It will probably be on the next version of Aros-One. I would upgrade because of some fixes. Also try spoofing linux and see what happens.

That's great! I must have missed that thread on AROS-Exec. I am patiently waiting for AROS One 1.8 until then, I'll keep toyin around it but I am not sure what you mean by spoofing linux. I mean, I know what spoofing means but how to trick AROS into thinking it is linux, I am not sure how to do that.

The files I am using as source are located here: https://github.com/AmigaPorts/SDL-2.0
Edited by amigamia on 18-06-2022 09:46, 12 days ago
Posted 12 days ago
Thanks for the link. Imo that changes things. Instead of using configure, it might be better to use the Amiga makefile. The problem of course is that you would have to deal with the endian issues. Not an easy task. Good luck!!!
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