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I did it!!

Last updated on 10 years ago
xboxownJunior Member
Posted 10 years ago
I purchased the tiny 8" screen laptop that is compatible with icaros!! It is coming in it's way and I did it!! I have purchased a tiny, portable console with icaros as the OS. That is what I did! I will fill with GBs and GBs worth of games! I will fill it with as much as MP3 as possible! I will fill it with as much movies as possible! I have a tiny console! Tiny keyboard based console and a tiny portable media center! I will just make sure it is 100% fully charged when I take it outside with me!

Oh one more thing! It will only have icaros as the OS and nothing else....so I am looking forward for icaros 2.0. One question only! What if icaros 2.0 get released and I have the old version icaros 1.5.1 for example, how do I go upgrading to icaros 2.0 from icaros 1.5.1 without losing any data or require a new blank installation?
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
Congratz with your new machine xboxown.

Hopefully you'll enjoy it and that you are able to get out of it what you expect.


how do I go upgrading to icaros 2.0 from icaros 1.5.1 without losing any data or require a new blank installation?

That's a tough one to answer, as icaros 2.0 was not released yet ;-p

But, if past is any telling about future then that would mean a new fresh clean install for icaros desktop 2.0 (once it arrives).

Icaros does have support for backing up personal settings, but i am not sure if that's compatible with the new icaros 2.0 release.

Anyhows, i would suggest to keep good track of where exactly you've placed your own (custom) data and backup data that before doing a new install and after that restore the backup.

There is some (experimental?) software in the aros-archives that could aid in backing up, but i do not have hand-on experience with it (it's using scripting).

Unfortunately there isn't a real back-up program available for AROS, so you have to do that using forementioned scripts, or doing things manually by copying files or archive things first with one of the many archivers available for AROS.

fwiw: it can't hurt to do a fresh install once in a while anyhows. But it is also reason for me to not update icaros too often and having my own custom install.

BTW: Easiest way to backup is either inserting an usb pendrive, using a network facility (ftp or otherwise), or ofcourse using an additional HD (either directly connected or by USB/network).
wolfewolfeJunior Member
Posted 10 years ago
Thats a tiny screen . . . Hurts my eyes just thinking about it! . . . LOL So, what is it?
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