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A week in AROS...

Last updated on 3 years ago
Week of November 16th:

- Zune test suite has been extended to test MUIM_List_NextSelected (neil)
- C:Version is now better handling checking its own version (polluks)
Week of November 23rd:

- A bug in the clamping of X/Y bitmap offsets has been fixed (neil)
- Online documentation has been refreshed from source code (mazze)
Btw, the monthly highlights on the Aros homepage tells the casual observer what is happening in the Aros scene in a nutshell. Imo even with the commits, the previous yearly updates gave the impression that Aros was a little stagnant.

Thanks Deadwood, for taking the time to do this. :)
(with thanks to deadwood)

Week of November 30th:

- Slovak and Slovene languages have been added (polluks)
- Montenegro country and flag have been added (polluks)
- List images are no longer disposed in the cleanup of List MUI class (neil)

Glad you like it :)
Week of December 14th:

- fd2pragma tool has been updated to version 2.195 (polluks)
- Amiguide documentation for fd2pragma has been imported (polluks)
- Romanian keymap has been added (polluks)
- fontconfig library has been updated to version 2.11.1 (deadwood)
- Soft-hyphen support has been added to keymaps (polluks)
Week of December 21st:

- MUIM_Application_CheckRefresh method has been implemented (neil)
- Preferences windows will now be refreshed and a requester is displayed on top (neil)
- HAM images with a transparent colour specified can now be displayed by ilbm.datatype (neil)
Week of December 28th:

- Startup code on AROS 68k has been made compatible with programs expecting seglist in A3 (twilen)
- Handling of palettes and operations on HAM8 images in ilbm.datatype has been improved (neil)
- Initialization of Scalos preferences.library is fixed to be done only once (wawa)
Week of January 4th:
- Dispatchers in Scalos Boopsi classes are now working correctly on AROS 68k (wawa)
- Dispatchers in Scalos MUI classes are now working correctly on AROS 68k (wawa)
- Definitions of structures used by animation.datatype are now binary compatible (Kalamatee)
- A fix has been implemented in calling hooks in realtime.library (Kalamatee)
Week of January 11th:
- Work started on porting AROS to STM32F7 DISCOVERY board (DizzyOfCRN)
- Window size has been fixed in MultiView (polluks)
- Static C library has been extended with a number of math functions (Kalamatee)
- Fix for buttons being stuck after mouse button is released has been implemented in Area MUI class (neil)
- Ability to use GCC 5.3.0 as a cross compilers has been added (DizzyOfCRN)
- Version of used datatypes is used visible in MultiView about window (Kalamatee)
- Development started on animation.datatype (Kalamatee)
- Initial versions of anim.datatype and gifanim.datatype have been introduced (Kalamatee)
- Initial version of mpegvideo.datatype has been introduced (Kalamatee)
- DOS's FindSegment function has been fixed to be compatible with original (neil)
- animation.datatype is now available in nightly builds (Kalamatee)
- Work started on tapedeck.gadget (Kalamatee)
- Unpacker for anim-j format has been added to anim.datatype (Kalamatee)
- tapedeck.gadget now handler input and changes color based on mouse input (Kalamatee)
- tapedeck.gadget is integrated with animation.datatype (Kamalatee)
- Listtree.mcc no longer causes memory trashing by freeing freed memory (deadwood)
- tapedeck.gadget now correctly handles state based on input (Kalamatee)
Week of January 18th:
- animation.datatype player is paused when handling gadget input (Kalamatee)
- Animations can now be started and paused via the UI (Kalamatee)
- tapedeck.gadget mentains a fixed height (Kalamatee)
- animation.datatype now creates a player that does not interfeer with other players (Kalamatee)
- Fix for leaving semaphore in a locked state has been implemented in anim.datatype (Kalamatee)
- Datatype for ANIM has the file type detection improved (Kalamatee)
- Frame handling in animation.datatype has been improved (Kalamatee)
- Autodocs available at www.aros.org has been refreshed (mazze)
- List MUI class has been fixed not to have images overlap text (neil)
- datatypes.library now supports code embedded in datatype for type detection (Kalamatee)
- anim.datatype now supports anim-4 format (Kalamatee)
- Pen allocation in EHB mode has been fixed in animation.datatype (Kalamatee)
- Access to pen array in animation.datatype is now thread-safe (Kalamatee)
- Work on support for playing embedded sounds data in anim.datatype has started (Kalamatee)
- BWins custom MUI class now works on AROS 68k (wawa)
- Improve rendering of animation.datatype to high/true color screen (Kalamatee)
- tapedeck.gadget no longer flickers when rendering (Kalamatee)
- ANIM-5 format now correctly renders (Kalamatee)
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