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A week in AROS...

Last updated on 3 years ago
Week of September 7th:

- Zune test suite is now extended to support almost all List and Listview methods and attributes (neil)
- Problem with up/down arrows in List MUI class not working sometimes fixed (deadwood)
- Later setting a title in List MUI class no longer causes crash (neil)
- A crash in Pendisplay MUI class has been fixed (neil)
- Switching between pages or adding a page in Group MUI class no longer causes flickering (deadwood)
- Newly added tabs in Title MUI class are now rendered as inactive (deadwood)
Week of September 14th:

- Title MUI class now adds padding around inner objects which protects it from beeing damaged (deadwood)
- Changing active tab in the Group MUI class no longer causes flicker (deadwood)
- Context menu functions in sub classes of Listtree MUI class now work as expected (deadwood)
- Pictures section on AROS website have been re-organized (mazze)


magorium wrote:

Hi cavemann,

Not sure if it is related, but could this patch perhaps be of help ?

I don't recall if it was Sdl related. Thanks for the tip :)
Week of September 21st:

- Handling of MUI_List_Visible attribute of List MUI class when list is hidden has been fixed (neil)
- MUIA_List_InsertPosition attribute of List MUI class now returns correct value (neil)
- Improvements to pictures sections of AROS website continue (mazze)
Week of September 28th:

- Codeset of russian catalog files for Close, More and Multiview has been corrected (polluks)
- Active entries in read-only MUI Lists are no longer highlighted (neil)
- Index of developer documentation has been updated (mazze)
- strnlen function has been added to C library (Kalamatee)
- Development of ALSA driver for linux hosted AROS ports started (deadwood)
Week of October 5th:

- MUIA_Listview_DefClickColumn attribute of MUI Listview class is now implemented (neil)
- MUIA_Listview_DoubleClick attribute is now set when the "press" key is pressed (neil)
- Index of the active entry during MUIM_List_Insert and MUIM_List_InsertSingle is now updated (neil)
- MUIA_List_InsertPosition attribute contains now correct value after using MUIM_List_Insert method (neil)
- Index of the active entry is no longer updated during MUIM_List_Move matching MUI behavior (neil)
- Zune test suite is now extended with test for MUIA_List_Visible and MUIA_Listview_DefClickColumn (neil)
- Hex-dump of disassembler in Scout has been made endianness-independent (neil)
- Skeleton of ALSA driver for linux hosted AROS is implemented (deadwood)
- Playback in ALSA driver is now working (deadwood)
- ALSA driver now correctly recovers from underrun conditions (deadwood)
(with thanks to ncafferkey)
Week of October 12th:

- Work on USB support for Linux-hosted AROS has been started (dizzyofcrn)
- UUID hashing is now supported in oop.library (schulz)
- A resource leak in the ALSA sound driver has been fixed (deadwood)
- The ALSA sound driver is now more careful to use the correct version of the Linux libasound shared object (deadwood)
Week of October 19th:

- Firmware used in rPi2 port has been configured to a version working with AROS kernel (mschulz)
- Zune test suite is now extended with tests of MUIA_List_Format, MUIA_List_Pool#? and MUIA_List_Title (neil)
- Race conditions during layout in datatypes.library have been fixed (neil)
- Work on USB support for Linux hosted AROS continues (DizzyOfCRN)
- Propotype hotplug handling introduced in USB support for Linux hosted AROS (DizzyOfCRN)
- Port range check in Poseidon fixed (DizzyOfCRN)
(with thanks to deadwood)
Week of October 26th:

- AtcpTraceroute has been added to the AROS contrib repository (o1i)
- Work started on application handling PS3Eye camera (DizzyOfCRN)
- USB support for Linux hosted AROS now creates separate periodic handler task (DizzyOfCRN)
- The event handler task communicates with libusb (DizzyOfCRN)
- Poseidon is notified aboout port changes when using Linux hosted USB support (DizzyOfCRN)
- Regression with switching screen modes has been fixed (Kalamatee)
Week of November 2nd:

- Work on USB support for Linux hosted AROS continues (DizzyOfCRN)
- USB devices are now enumerated and visible in Trident using Linux hosted USB driver (DizzyOfCRN)
- Bulk transfers are now enabled in Linux hosted AROS USB driver (DizzyOfCRN)
- Linux hosted AROS can now receive keyboard input even without mouse pointer beeing in the AROS window (neil)
- Storage USB devices can now be accessed using Linux hosted AROS USB driver (DizzyOfCRN)
- A problem in Linux hosted AROS related with Linux side libraries using separate threads has been fixed (deadwood)
- ALSA audio driver for Linux hosted AROS transfers better chunked data for improved playback stability (deadwood)
Week of November 9th:

- IoErr() handling in datatypes.library has been improved (neil)
- ALSA audio driver for Linux hosted AROS now supports volume control (deadwood)
- MUIM_List_Remove method in MUI List class now supports MUIV_List_Remove_Selected mode (neil)
- Notification now occurs when MUIA_List_Active changes as a result of deleting all selected entries (neil)
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