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A week in AROS...

Last updated on 3 years ago
Week of July 6th:

- intuition.library/PrintIText() no longer crashes if passed a null string pointer (jmcmullan)
- VSprites with depths greater than 8 bits are now supported (jmcmullan)
- Romanian language support has been added (polluks)
Week of July 13th:

- A small improvement to C library has been implemented (jmcmullan)
Week of July 20th:

- Nothing to report
Week of July 27th:

- Prefs/Locale no longer looses languange information when reseting to default state (deadwood)
- fat-handler is now showing an error requester when I/O error happens (neil)
- fat-handler has now better error handling (neil)
- Formatting procedure using fat-handler is now writting immedially to disk (neil)
- MUI List and Listview classes have been updated to behave according to MUI4 specification (deadwood)
- MUI Listtree class has been aligned with changes to List and Listview classes (deadwood)
Week of August 3rd:

- Nothing to report
Week of August 10th:

- AROS repository reached 51000 commits!
- libiconv have been updated to newer versions (Kalamatee)
Week of August 17th:

- MUI Window class now sends notifications on changing the position and size (neil)
- It is now possible to set notifications of List MUI class attributes on Listview MUI class (neil)
- Notifications on ClickColumn attribute of Listview MUI class have been restored to work (deadwood)
- emul-handler is now blocked from seeking beyond end of file (neil)
Week of August 24th:

- MUIV_Notify_Self is now handled correctly in case of setting notification of List MUI class attribute in Listview MUI class (neil)
- Object creation in graphics driver subsystem has been made to support external objects (Kalamatee)
- Graphics drivers can now provide nominal resolution to graphics subsystem (Kalamatee)
- Crash in screen compositor when trying to read preferences has been fixed (Kalamatee)
Week of August 31st:

- Intuition is now using nominal resolution provided by the driver (Kalamatee)
- vbam is bow compiled for x86_64 (Kalamatee)
- Boot task is now properly finalized (Kalamatee)
- Autodocs documentation has been updated from source code (mazze)
- Exiting MUI List class "quiet" state now causes proper scroll bar update (deadwood)
- System/SysMon no longer crashes when there is less tasks then list capacity (deadwood)
- OpenAL library has been updated to version 1.16.0
- OpenAL library has been updated to version 1.16.0

Very nice, does this update eliminate the unfreed signals on exit?

Also, will it be available on abiv0 anytime soon?
Hi cavemann,

Not sure if it is related, but could [url=http://repo.or.cz/w/AROS-Contrib.git/commit/7adb398fe4c466490fb4226108541f1a2a13db5c]this patch[/url] perhaps be of help ?
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