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aros-exec no more.
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05/27/2017 23:49

aros-exec no more.

Last updated on 1 year ago
Thank you cavemann :thumbsup:

I fear that is a process that will take some time to be able to change them for all where we mentioned the aros-exec link..... why-o-why....

Hopefully there will be one steady factor in there namely arosworld.org ;)

PS: i've finally managed to get over to the new aros-exec forums as well... i had to use my tablet to go through the "no i'm not a robot verification process" of re-captcha. The normal captcha's still are a problem though (reloading fails), but now i can whine about that over there ;)
This may not help, but I've updated the link to Aros Exec, and added a link to the archived site.

Happy halloween cavemann :)


amigamia wrote:

Hi magorium, Welcome back!

Thanks you. sorry for being absent for so long. Still very busy doing IRL stuff unfortunately...


Perhaps, you need to whitelist the new site address in immunify360?

That would have to be done by 4play then (or his hoster). It is a pro-active firewall kind of thing that runs on the server. Nothing i can do about that :o

Issues being that the captcha refresh let it kick in activated the recaptcha, and well ... as we all know... google isn't too fond of old browsers :@

more info here, and sorry for the typo as it is imunify 360


If not, you can hang around here any time.

Thank you very kindly. I would have to take you up on that offer :P
I don't make up the rules. I just think them up and write them down
I sometimes make a guest appearance, but even though it's almost Halloween, it's not dead enough for a ghost appearance :P

I have always preferred this site to Aros Exec, now more than ever!

But I have followed the crowd and registered at the new site. I didn't
have any problems registering, except that it takes me several tries every time I have to do that captcha thing ;)
If not, you can hang around here any time. Not many users as usual but nikos and cavemann from time to time make ghost appearances :)
Hi magorium, Welcome back!

sorry you are having so many problems on the new aros-exec web site. I didn't have any issues but I am not running this immunify 360 you are talking about. Perhaps, you need to whitelist the new site address in immunify360?
Just a thought. I had uOrigin ad blocker and it was preventing me from a different site and once I added it to the white list, all was fine.
Fantastic news to have new AROS-exec forums.

Unfortunately, not for me as
a: on my first attempt the create account the captcha failed by refusing to refresh the image
b: the immunify 360 protection kicking in is wrong as hell by bothering me
c: immunity 360 software is faulty as smelly shite

Really do they expect to payment for that crap ? Do show me how many 'intruder attempts' were made from 217.121.x.x... one ? two ? because end-user tries attempt to create an account ?

I wonder how OWB would handle such crappy javascript. Someone having experience with that ?

BTW: because of that shite i am also unable to even view the old archived site.
I would not have guessed that ArosWorld would outlast Aros-exec :P

Anyway, If you haven't seen it yet, here's the new site, https://ae.amigalife.org/
Last days I was busy, and now I noticed aros-exec is down for maintenance. Will it be migrated to a new engine and/or domain etc during this break?


nikos wrote:

Sad news but aros-exec is soon history.

This site can be aros users and developers new home.
I can see this site is up for sale but maybe things will be different now regarding traffic here.

That is such a sad news! I have been out of touch with the AROS community for a while but I occasionally lurk around to see what's going on. I'll keep this site up as long as you guys need it.
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