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Last updated on 10 months ago
Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 10 months ago
there is a new release of ApolloOS if interesting also the world of classic amiga, this system run on Vampire and also maybe Win UAE and forks, run fine and there is many tool for configuring the system for example the whdload games and all app run with rom for aros
Posted 10 months ago
What version ? can you provide the download link !

ApolloOS to make it work on WinUAE you need some modifications and disable Hardware Vampire related commands.

the ApolloOS "IMG" image includes two SFS formatted partitions, DH0 of 251 MB and DH1 of 7GB, see my screenshot !

In case of problems or partition changes, this can be done safely, with speed and security with HDToolBox on WinUAE, of course you must have a good Amiga RTG system ! I used AfA One !

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Posted 10 months ago
I have tested Apollo OS a bit more, it is a mix AROS and OS3 which at the moment unstable and poorly configured.

Amiwell, I think the best choice for your V4 at the moment is either OS3.9 RTG + AfA OS or "native" AROS 68k

To install these systems on V4 the best choice is to connect the CF on WinUAE and with HDToolBox initialize and format it as you normally do with an HD, of course you have to use an updated HDToolBox and choose a good Filesystem (SFS/PFS), best choice the one of OS 3.9 BB4

You can also install these systems on a HardFile initialized and installed on WinUAE, having done this you will just "burn" the Hardfile (renamed.img) to the CF.

Of course to have maximum compatibility on V4, you have to add the Monitor file "SAGA" and add some native V4 commands in the startup-sequence (you can find these commands on Coffin) and corrected Roms/Kickstart.

---- Italiano ----

Ho testato un po' più a fondo Apollo OS, si tratta di un mix AROS e OS3 che al momento instabile e poco configurato.

Amiwell, credo che al momento la migliore scelta per il tuo V4 sia OS3.9 RTG + AfA OS oppure AROS 68k "nativo"

Per installare questi sistemi su V4 la scelta migliore è di collegare la CF su WinUAE e con HDToolBox inizializzarla e formattarla come si fa normalmente con un HD, naturalmente devi usare un HDToolBox aggiornato e scegliere un buon Filesystem (SFS/PFS), migliore scelta quello di OS 3.9 BB4

Puoi anche installare questi sistemi su un HardFile inizializzato e installato su WinUAE, fatto questo ti basterà "masterizzare" l'Hardfile (rinominato.img) sulla CF.

Naturalmente per avere la massima compatibilità su V4, bisogna aggiungere il file Monitor "SAGA" e aggiungere qualche comando nativo V4 nella startup-sequence (puoi trovare questi comandi su Coffin) e corretti Roms/Kickstart.
Edited by AMIGASYSTEM on 05-09-2023 17:09, 10 months ago
Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 10 months ago
thank you amigasystem
Posted 10 months ago
Small review on ApolloOS_R9.4:

ApolloOS_R9.4 comes on a zipped HD image of about 5.3 GB that when unpacked you get a Disk Image that includes 2 SFS (Smart File System) formatted Partitions, of which 251 MB dedicated to the Operating System (DH0) and a second 7 GB dedicated to data (DH1), see first screenshot above.

To lighten the file I decanted the Operating System and a few important applications used by the system onto a new 1GB HardFile also formatted in SFS, ready to be booted independently on WinUAE, see second screenshot.

ApolloOS to make it boot well on WinUAE some modifications are needed, in addition to a 060 CPU with at least 256 MB RAM, you need to boot it via an AROS 68k ROM, ApolloOS on the VA boots via some commands and native Apollo ROMs.

On WinUAE in addition to the not too recent AROS 68k ROM (tested even with the newest ones and it seems they are not supported yet), you also have to integrate the Icon.library into the startup with the usual command used for the Icon.library by PeterK.

The appearance of Apollo OS is pretty also the Icons many of them Dual-PNG are of good quality and of the same size, the system is not complete for example it is not possible to replace or add a new Pointer.

ApolloOS in addition to the AROS ROM, also includes some AROS library, but otherwise all system Apps are OS3 based, native AROS Apps are not supported because there is no Zune interface on the system, instead there is MUI 5.
Overall it is a good system but it needs to grow !

Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 10 months ago
yes I encountered some problems but they solved it I use the sd card to support applications and my files this is because you can encounter problems with the default partitions when transferring files and also when running some applications especially ibrowse
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