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Refreshed ABIv0 AROS

Last updated on 3 years ago
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 3 years ago
Hi All,

As you may know, the current ABIv0 system is based on codebase from end of 2016. Overlast 4 years there have been a number of improvements made in AROS mainline which has never been made available to users.

I started working on updating the ABIv0 code base, but for this to succeed I will need your help with testing. Below you will find two ISOs: Testing and Reference. Download the Testing ISO and try it on your system. Look for any regressions (booting, native graphics, usb support, audio support, network support, etc). In case you find something that you think is broken, please download the Reference ISO and test there as well. If something works on Reference ISO but does not work on Testing ISO, please post in this thread with description of problem and your hardware.

Reference : https://axrt.org/...ot-iso.zip
Testing: https://axrt.org/...ot-iso.zip

Reference: N/A
Testing: https://axrt.org/...em.tar.bz2

Reference: N/A
Testing: https://axrt.org/...em.tar.bz2

Bugtracker: https://github.co...2FAROS%2F3

Note on schedules: If you look into the naming of .zip file you will see two components, for example 20170402-1

20170402 describes the master code base date on which the specific ABIv0 build is based on. I expect to upgrade the code base every 1-2 months
1 describes the revision of ABIv0 build on the same master code base. This mostly changes when bug fixes are introduced. I expect to have new revision every 1-2 weeks.

AROS ABIv0 20170402 changes:

 Align naming of graphic drivers and make them visible in SysExplorer (Kalamatee)
 Query graphics driver for 3D subdriver (Kalamatee)
 C library improvements (Mazze, Kalamatee)
 Kernel ACPI support (Kalamatee)
 SysMon listing tasks better (Kalamatee)
 Kernel IO-APIC support (Kalamatee, Schulz)
 Kernel interrupt support (Kalamatee, Schulz)
 Kernel SMP support (Kalamatee, Schulz)
 Kernel shutdown/reboot support (Kalamatee)
 Kernel spinlock support (Kalamatee, Schulz)
 Public locking mechanism support (Kalamatee, Schulz)
 Kernel CPU cores control (Kalamatee, Schulz)
 processor.resource improvements (Kalamatee, Schulz)
 SMP-enabled Message Port handling (Kalamatee, Schulz)
 Protect access to Exec resources (Kalamatee)
 Better measurement of CPU usage (Schulz)
 SysMon listing CPU usage better (Kalamatee)
 Graph.mcc (Kalamatee)
 picture.datatype DTM_Write support (Mazze)
 vusbhci.device (DizzyOfCRN)
 Kernel MSI interrupt support (Kalamatee)
 List.mui improvements (Kalamatee)
 ACPI button driver (Kalamatee)
 PCI driver IRQ routing table (Kalamatee, Schulz, Neil)

 64-bit support:
 misc fixes (Kalamatee, Schulz)
 ahi.device, ac97.audio, hdudio.audio 64-bit support (Kalamatee)
 pciusb.device 64-bit support (Kalamatee)
 ata.device 64-bit support (Schulz)

 Flexcat 2.18 (Mazze)
 libz 1.2.11 (Mazze)
 libjpeg 9b (Mazze)
 libpng 1.6.28 (Mazze)
 AROS build system (Kalamatee)
 Icons (Paolone)
 GCC-6.3.0 (patch file) (Kalamatee)
 Corrected datatype descriptors (Neil, Mazze)
 VGA driver (Kalamatee, Neil)
 Documentation (Neil, Kalamatee)
 X11 driver (deadwood)
 MUI (o1i, Kalamatee)
 Shell commands (Neil, Kalamatee, Mazze, Schulz)
 dos.library (Kalamatee)
 C:Decoration (Kalamatee)
 Kernel (Kalamatee)
 Catalogs (polluks, mmartinka, Kalamatee)
 Mesa (Kalamatee, Neil)
 emul-handler (Neil)
 console.device (Schulz)
 Intuition (Schulz, Neil)
 Preferences (Neil, balaton)
 kms.library (Kalamatee)
 pciusb.device (Schulz)
 C library (deadwood)
 Kernel ACPI support (Neil)
 Kernel interrupt support (Neil)
 PCI driver (Neil)
 Kernel IO-APIC support (Neil)
 atheros5000.device (Neil)
 Kernel shutdown/reboot support (Neil)
 Windows-hosted booting (deadwood)

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