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ABIv0 or ABIv1

Last updated on 4 years ago
Posted 4 years ago
I have recently started playing with development tools in AROS but in ABIv0. However, v0 hasn't been updated for about a year and ABIv1 is not quite ready yet?
What do you guys recommend?
Should I start focusing on v1 or keep playing with v0 ?
What are other developers doing?
cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 4 years ago
Well Abi-1 hasn't seen much love either, except for 68k. At this time, I use Abi-0. X86 boots and has the libs and drivers it needs. Abi-1 is still experimental and not stable. So if you want to experiment, then why not try Abi-1.

But if you want people to test and use your software, then I would go for Abi-0. In theory, there would be more feedback for you to evaluate. If/when Abi-1 becomes more popular, you can recompile Wink

And btw, congrats on your port, Cool
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Posted 4 years ago
Welcome back cavemann!! Smile

I think I'll give it a try again with v1 but last I tried, I could not even compile anything. It could have been me rushing things and not paying close attention.
As for the port of Tyrian, thanks! I actually found out that it had already been ported a few years ago and it's available in Icaros already. The one I ported may be a newer version however. Needs to be re-uploaded though as the one I posted has a bug in it.

I also started taking interest in free pascal for AROS. It's a chance to bring back old memories when I used Turbo Pascal by Borland in high school. It was the first programming language I learned and I have to say, I always liked it better. Much easier to work with. It's a shame it never really became as popular as C/C++.

Did you know that the commercial version of Tyrian was actually developed in Turbo Pascal?
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 4 years ago
I tend to agree with cavemann there (other then trying to re-create a board related issue).

As long as ABI and API aren't stable it's a target on the move.

How fun it is to read the messages on some boards stating that v1 is stable because it doesn't crash.... Close, but no sigar.

Thereby.... doesn't crash ? They never seen me in action, i am able to crash or disturb pacman, arkanoid, tetris, snake, tic-tac-toe, bejeweled and many other such simplistic games on about any platform out there. Latest victory being bejeweled at Android, where i somehow managed to remove/disturb the fall-through boundries so that jewels kept on falling (on the complete screen, not only the designated playfield) rendering an utterly ridiculous highscore.

Aros being a complete OS... well... give me 5 minutes Pfft

Hi cavemann .o/
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cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 4 years ago
h****h**** Smile
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 4 years ago
Sorry c****vem****nn,

I think we experiencing some technique issue, its difficult to write then not use the ****fending letter Grin
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Posted 4 years ago
My bad fellas!!

I was playing with the bad word banning system and had added a list of bad words used by Google. It seems there was some wrong with the list. I removed it but the posts that were changed are staying like that. You need to edit the words that were changed by the banning plugin.

Sorry about that!!
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 4 years ago
The ABIv1 is still considered "evolving". I actually forked it, made some cleanup and decided to free it. This is what is the base for AxRuntime as well. My stable version is available in my github repo.

Oh, and testing posting at the same time.
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