Homepage for AROS artist Manu
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Cinnamon Writer
Cinnamon Writer is the compact and efficient word processor developed especially with Amiga and Amiga-like systems in mind. With version 0.60 Cinnamon writer have all of the basic functionality expected of a modern word processor. This includes changeable layout style, support antialiased truetype fonts, infinite "intelligent" Undo/Redo history, user defined page setup and file compatibility with other word processors as Word and OpenOffice that can use RTF or DocX files.
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Morgue Soft Ltd
Morgue Soft Ltd. is a group of development of software of entertainment and programs with
a long experience in the computers Amiga from the 90s, with this one extensive
trajectory, we are developing new software for Amiga, Windows and MAC OS
systems, in addition to a small space in the graphic design and of web pages.
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BSzili's AROS, MorphOS & AmigaOS 4 ports
AROS ports of classic first person shooters and more.
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kas1e's blog
kas1e discusses his ports for Amiga/AROS/MorphOs.
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AROS evangelist saimon69 gives his insight on AROS.
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AROS Playground
Everything related to AROS and gaming. (no recent updates)
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Hollywood Tools
Dedicated to libraries, tutorials and applications developed with Hollywood
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Aros Vision RTG
AROS 68k distro that runs on an Amiga emulator.
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An Amiga-site mainly dedicated to OS4, but open to discuss all Amiga flavors including Aros.
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Amiga Look
A site dedicated to Amiga (classic, next-gen and AROS) when it comes to wallpapers, themes, icons, pointers, skins and screenshots.
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Developer forum for all Amiga-like systems.
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Latest Windows version of the Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator.
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PortablE Wiki Book
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AROS Hardware Compatibility List
Check if your equipment should work with AROS.
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