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01/02/2019 13:35
Happy 2019 !!!

11/22/2018 10:28
Happy TurkeyDay to all AROS freaks Smile

03/14/2018 13:41
Smile Decided to renew it for another year. Will see if I can get it to run again

03/01/2018 15:51
Welcome back, ArosWorld Smile

01/02/2018 12:13
Wow, another year. Happy 2018 to everybody Smile

Shoutbox Archive

Bounty: ACPI-Bounty (Phase I) finishedPrint


The bounty project for the ACPI-implementation under AROS was finished by Pavel 'Sonic' Fedin.

Users still cannot profit from it because it was written for ABI V1.

Game: SDL-ports NetBubble 0.9 and Beret 1.1Print


net-bubbleNet-Bubble 0.9 

"serk118uk" has ported the puzzle Bobble-clone Net-Bubble 0.9 to AROS. Partly the graphics were   reworked with Lunapaint and Ciname 4D (under JanusUAE) and a new soundtrack was added from other open-source Bobble-clones. Network games work under AROS as well. 

Beret 1.1 

The 2D puzzle game Beret was ported by kas1e to AROS. 

Coding: PortablE programming course in our forumsPrint


There are going to be several courses on PortablE programming here on  The first one is an inventory module based on the bitset data structure.

Coding: New beta of PortablE - r6 the beginner friendly release!Print


Chris Handley has uploaded a new PortablE beta of the modernised AmigaE programmingPortablE language. There have been a HUGE amount of changes since the last beta in April, but biggest changes are:

  • Fully tested on AROS & MorphOS (in addition to AmigaOS4), so all the examples now run smoothly & stably. Please download some of the already compiled examples & try them out 
  • Programs now compile on Icaros v.1.3.x, although an AROS bug in Icaros v1.3.0 to v1.3.2 means that the graphical examples won't look good. Icaros v1.3.3 should fix that.
  • The GUI module (std/cGui) now supports basic scrollable lists & pictures in buttons (see here for an example), plus many bug fixes.
  • The graphics module (std/cGfx) now supports resizable windows, can draw circles, and has been heavily fixed & speeded-up for AROS & MorphOS.
  • Added basic networking support for AmigaOS4, which is compatible with AmigaE.
  • Added the "Debug" switch to PEGCC, which makes debugging on OS4 much easier. PEGCC also behaves better.
  • The sound & music modules (std/cSnd & std/cMusic) now gracefully handle the lack of AHI sound, instead of crashing!
  • OPT MULTITHREADED should now be properly thread-safe, especially FastNew/NEW/etc.
  • A large number of fixes & tweaks to various things, plus added a couple more Amiga modules, and some missing OS4 functions.

You can download the latest beta of PortablE here.

Competition: The Third Annual Festive Amiga Game Making CompetitionPrint


For the third time Moya "Cammy" Jackie will organize the traditional Festive Amiga Game MakingCammy Competition. You will have until December 24th to create a game or playable demo of the game. This year's Festive Amiga Game Making Competition's rule is this:: 

  • Create an Amiga game adaption of the film, television or book franchise of your choice! The only exception is you cannot make a game based on something that was already made into an Amiga game..
  • There are two categories: Classic Amiga and Next Generation Amiga. The NG category includes games made for AmigaOS4, MorphOS, Aros or RTG OS3 systems. The Classic category requires the game to run on at least an Amiga 1200 with extra RAM or an accelerator. If it requires a 060 and a graphics card, it'll go in the NG category..
  • There will be a panel of experienced judges who will play and rate the games, and then combine and tally the results to find our two major prize winners.

Showcase: Interview with AROS Developer Pavel FedinPrint


The magazine Obligement today published an interview with Pavel Fedin, a russian developer whoObligament
works on AROS and MorphOS. He also works, among others, on the ACPI implementation on AROS.

Distribution: AspireOS 1.3Print


Nikolaos Tomatsidis has published an update of his AROS-distribution AspireOS. This distribution is aspireosmeant to be used with the Acer-netbook Aspire One but should also run on other hardware.

The update requires an existing 1.x-installation. The update includes bug fixes as well as new versions of Snapshoter and Boing Icon Bar, updated drivers for W-LAN- and USB-network adapters and HD-audio.

Download: (28 MB)

Software: SnapShoter 1.8 for all Amiga systemsPrint


SnapshoterSnapShoter written by Xabier Payet is a clipboard manager and screenshot tool which saves any number of clipboards, is compatible to online storage systems like Dropbox and offers multi-user-support. SnapShoter can record screenshots , whole screens or videos. Additionally it features simple picture editing functions.

New in version 1.8:

  • Added copy from clipboard to collage mode screen
  • Added German language
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Improved CPU consumption
  • Minimum memory consumption
  • Alt + prtscr paste active window to snapshoter
  • And a lot of improvements more

Software: Sirena Player v1.20Print


Sirena Player is a Y.A.S.M.P. or Yes Another Strange Music Player for OS 4.x and Windos XP, this program with our mermaid "Rosalia" (the skin), SP playes music files as mp3,  wav and mod. This player is a little tool for developers  that need a fast program to test music files, although at moment the ogg Vorbis codec isn't still support in Hollywood the program. 


Sirena Player plays mod and wav files but not MP3 because  the program is coded with Hollywood, which only supporst mp3 files with mpga.library.



New features:

  1. Compiled with last Hollywood 4.8 version. 
  2. Some bugs corrected andimprovements with the song state.
  3. Deleted the sound sample thatcrashed the player.

Distribution: Icaros Desktop 1.3.2 has been releasedPrint


Version 1.3.2 of your distribution is ready for download. Great news for this release is support for Fermi-based GeForce graphic cards and many USB wireless network adapters based on the RTL8187B chipset and MUCH MORE..

Game: Acey Ducey cardgame for all Amiga systemsPrint


In Acey Ducey you have to guess if the next card will have a value which is between the one of the cards already put on the table. Achim Kern has ported his old card game with Hollywood and offers versions for AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS and AROS.