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01/02/2019 13:35
Happy 2019 !!!

11/22/2018 10:28
Happy TurkeyDay to all AROS freaks Smile

03/14/2018 13:41
Smile Decided to renew it for another year. Will see if I can get it to run again

03/01/2018 15:51
Welcome back, ArosWorld Smile

01/02/2018 12:13
Wow, another year. Happy 2018 to everybody Smile

Shoutbox Archive

Game: asylumPrint


The computer game Asylum, which was originally written by Andy Southgate in 1994 for the Acorn Archimedes has been ported to Aros by serk118uk.

The game revolves around shooting anything which moves, collecting anything which doesn't move, and, most importantly, finding your way to each of the eight pulsating neurons scattered through the immense map

More information about the port can be found on the website of serk118

Download: asylum for Aros

Game: uHexen2 - Hammer of ThyrionPrint


uHexen2 which is a cross-platform Hexen II port was ported to Aros by Szilárd Biró. It is a class based shooter game original made by Raven Software.

Working parts:

  • single player
  • OpenGL and software renderer
  • sound
  • music (MIDI, CD Audio, OGG, MP3, WAV)

Disfunctional parts:

  • multi-player

More information about installation, which paks you need to supply yourself and other information can be found here (Please let Szilárd know if you have problems with his port).

Download: Midi Instrument Patches
Download: uHexen2

If you do not own the original Hexen 2 game-data-pak-files (required) then you could buy the hexen 2 game from steam Currently there seems to be issues with steam's pre-patched version of the datafiles. Szil?rd is investigating a solution.


Game: BOH gets update on 3th birthday !Print


Simone Bevilacqua is celebrating the 3th birthday of his (commercial) maze-game called BOH. Reason for Simone to give BOH its 15th and final update.

The update brings even more content to the game as well as a lot of improvements and a demo version of the game can be downloaded for free from the downloads-page at the official website of

Also the demoversion have been updated to reflect the changes. More screenshots of the game can be found here

More information of the 15th update can be seen by clicking "Read More".

Game: XGalaga !Print


XGalaga, the classic fixed shooter arcade game written by Joe Rumsey, has been ported to Aros by Cavemann.

The game is based on the original Galaga game by Namco. If you want to know more about this classic game (!?) you can read more information on the wiki-page of the original galaga-game.

The original author of XGalaga has a homepage that isn't very active anymore and points users to the sourceforge-page.

The ported version was uploaded by Cavemann to the Aros-archives and can be downloaded here

Distribution: AspireOS 1.8Print


AspireOSNikolaos Tomatsidis has published a new version of his AROS-distribution AspireOS. This distribution is best configured for the Acer-netbook Aspire One and does also completely support the Toshiba-notebook Satellite Pro A200; the distribution should work with all other hardware but this is not officially supported.

Additional to updated system files (e.g. IntelGMA graphic driver), AspireOS 1.8 now includes
music programm 
Audio Evolution and the unarchiver Unarc as well as a new theme (screenshot).

video tutorial is also available. An update package for exsiting AspireOS installations will follow soon.

Download: aspireos_v.1.8.rar (141 MB)

Distribution: Icaros Desktop 1.4 Released !Print

AROSIcaros Desktop 1.4

Lately it seemed that astronomical things where happening over at the Icaros Desktop website. And indeed it did, because Paolo Besser worked very hard to release another point release of his Aros distribution called Icaros Desktop 1.4.

A lot of improvements where made and many new features where added. One of the biggest "Cosmic" change is the inclusion of a brand new updated version of the Odyssey Web Browser.

This distribution can be downloaded in two flavours:

P.S. don't forget to download and read the updated Icaros 1.4 manual in order to get answers to all those questions you might have.

If you want to know what was changed since the last 1.3 release of Icaros then click "read more" or go over to the Icaros Website.

Bounty: Printer.device Phase 1Print


Jason McMullan was kind enough to complete his bounty on the Printer.device.

Even though the bounty was finished and Jason collected his bounty, he still could use some feedback from us Aros-users.

So please be so kind and tell Jason what does and does not work for you in relation to this bounty.

Preliminary printer support was included in Icaros Desktop 1.4. So if you are an Aros-user and own a Postscript-printer and are willing to do some printing-tests then please do so and give Jason your feedback over at !

Game: Duke Nukem 3D port for Aros ?Print


Well, it could not really be avoided anymore ;). Szilárd Biró was couragious enough and started porting Duke Nukem 3D (a first-person shooter computer game developed by 3D Realms).

A testing release of the port can be downloaded here and more information about Szilárd's port can be found here , though there seem to be some SDL_mixer related issues.

So dust of your old disks and put them to good use again !

Please report unknown issues here as Szilárd really is anxious to know about them. Oh, and keep an eye on Szilárd because he seems to have an Aros-agenda.

Distribution: AspireOS 1.7 - "Let there be rock mk2" released !Print


AspireOS 1.7Download AspireOS 1.7 update for 1.6 users: Download AspireOS 1.7 Base Distribution: aspireos_v.1.7.rar Download AspireOS 1.7 Games Package:

Distribution: Icaros Desktop 1.3.3 has been releasedPrint


Icaros133Paolo Besser has published an update of his AROS-distribution Icaros Desktop. The 3D-hardware support for Intel-chips was added. Changes: 









  • added support for 3D hardware acceleration to Intel GMA driver
  • added three new games: Net Bubble, Beret and Dragon Memory
  • removed some older/half-working games
  • added flite speech synthesis engine
  • added ccd2cue disc format converter
  • updated diskimage.device to latest version
  • updated PortablE to latest version
  • updated DosBox to latest version
  • updated FlexCat to latest version


Click on "read more" for more Smile

Game: Dragon MemoryPrint


DragonThe memory game Dragon Memory was ported to AROS, MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 using SDL and OpenGL. Without an OpenGL-driver it will not work or use a software renderer if available.

Download: DragonMemory.lha (6 MB)