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01/02/2019 13:35
Happy 2019 !!!

11/22/2018 10:28
Happy TurkeyDay to all AROS freaks Smile

03/14/2018 13:41
Smile Decided to renew it for another year. Will see if I can get it to run again

03/01/2018 15:51
Welcome back, ArosWorld Smile

01/02/2018 12:13
Wow, another year. Happy 2018 to everybody Smile

Shoutbox Archive

Wiki: AROS' Freepascal gets it's own wikiPrint


Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow (the porter and maintainer of FreePascal for Aros) announced that he started a brand new wiki for FreePascal for Aros.

The Wiki is hosted by ALB42, and already contains some useful information for AROS users that are unfamiliar with FreePascal and vice-versa. On the Wiki you can also find links to the FreePascal for AROS documentation, which list all the specific AROS libraries and functionality that's currently available.

There is still a lot of work to do (for both FreePascal and the Wiki), so if you are able and willing to help out then please give ALB and other contributors a hand. Please note that the wiki is not intended as a beginner's tutorial for FreePascal (there are far more better sites to learn how to program with FreePascal), but is more aimed to address specific AROS topics.

People who are interrested are more then welcome to help extending the Wiki, if even to ask how certain programming topics for Aros could be addressed so that examples can be provided by contributors.

Website: FreePascal for AROS wiki.

#1 | cavemann on September 04 2013 20:14:20
You mentioned that someone might be looking for a good beginner's tutorial on FreePascal. Is there some place online that you would like to recommend as a good starting point?
#2 | magorium on September 04 2013 21:07:40
Hi Cavemann,

Yeah, good idea. I'll try put them up on the wiki as well.

There are plenty of good tutorials, and doesn't take much time to find them.

Ofcourse it's a bit in the eye of the beholder because i'm (or at least believe to be Grin) already proficient with writing pascal programs. So it might be that not all tutorials i link here are per definition good for beginners.

Ofcourse, for getting the hang of FreePascal and it's RTL you would need to go to the official FreePascal RTL reference (although not all units are implemented for AROS. Same is true for lazarus). But that's just reference material.

The following tutorials explain the very basics for generic programminc in pascal (like hello world style):
- Pascal programming
- Tutorial's point - Pascal Quick Guide
- TaoYue - Learn Pascal tutorial
- ALB always mentions Delphi Basics (to which i agree up to a certain point, because it's not really aimed at real beginners)

Furthermore it would help to have a look at the offical manuals of freepascal (whoever said that programming is easy Grin man, what a read)

Important reads are the user manual's chapter about Compiler usage (in case you want to compile from the commandline, but canntot hurt to understand the compiler a little as well) and the chapter about compiler configuration.

And in the chapter 6 of the usermanual you can read about using the fp IDE.

And ofcourse the offical FreePascal's Programmer's guide as well as the (language) reference guide are definately a must to read for really learning pascal :-)

And there is always the (combined) FreePascal/Lazarus wiki.

If someone out there has other sites/tutorials/documentation that he/she find helpfull, then we would be very much obliged if people mention them to us.

PS: the fpIDE has an integrated helpfile system that has most official documentation/reference material included and can be searched by keyword. Also typing a word in the source and pressing ((i believe) ctrl-f1 brings up all material that matches the types word. It's such an automatism that i don't even know the right key for it :shameSmile.

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