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01/02/2019 13:35
Happy 2019 !!!

11/22/2018 10:28
Happy TurkeyDay to all AROS freaks Smile

03/14/2018 13:41
Smile Decided to renew it for another year. Will see if I can get it to run again

03/01/2018 15:51
Welcome back, ArosWorld Smile

01/02/2018 12:13
Wow, another year. Happy 2018 to everybody Smile

Shoutbox Archive

Distribution: Aros Vision m68k 1.5.9Print


Aros VisionOlafS3 announced the release of his Aros-distribution Vision version 1.5.9.

Aros Vision is the first and (currently) only distribution available that runs on original m68k computers (or emulator). This distribution a milestone for Aros and, its development also aids other distributions with integrating Janus-UAE.

So, checkout OlafS3's Aros Vision and report any issues you encounter in this thread. OlafS3 would really appreciate it if people report back to him, about things you like (or dislike), what you think could be improved etc.

In this new version one of the most exiting additions is the support of CD's including automounting, and playing of music CD's. Videos can be played with ffplay or mplayer. The Amistart menus are extended and different other utilities were added including FAT95 support and TwinVNC.

Aros Vision is available in a classic (light) version as well as the normal (full) version. The light (classic) version is the same as the full version (same libraries, MUI-Classes, Virus checker, packer) but many of the applications removed (approximately half the size of the full version). All versions include Wanderer, Scalos and Magellan. On the download-page are instructions and tips to add f.e. Arexx or change to Scalos.

More information about Aros Vision can be found on the download page, user manual, Vision manual and the screenshots page.

Videos: New features, Scalos and Zune, Scalos and MUI and demonstration of some software
Download: Aros-Vision 1.5.9 for m68k (417 MB)
Download: Aros-Vision 1.5.9 Classic for m68k (262 MB)

#1 | emeck on March 26 2013 21:10:09
Anybody able to test it under FS-UAE? I get a System Requester saying:
Please inser volume " 'some_garbage'/Devs" in any drive. Retry doesn't work and Cancel gets me the Workbench screen with only the title bar and no disk icons.

My config is:
Amiga 1200 (68020) Accurate
3.0 Kickstart
Chip Ram 8Mb
Slow RAM 1.8Mb
Zorro III RAM 512Mb
Picasso96 support
Built-in TCP/IP stack
#2 | magorium on March 26 2013 21:27:40
Yes, but not any time soon :-(

Try a search on aros-exec. if i'm correct from mind then pascal is/was trying to get vision running in FS-UAE as well and stumbled on some errors that he can't get past.

One thing i did notice though: aren't you suppose to use the AROS kickstart instead of the original 3.0 kickstart ?

At least that is how it works with win-uae. I don't know if FS-UAE supports that. If not we should bug the author of FS-UAE Grin
#3 | emeck on March 27 2013 12:59:09
I thought it would work like on a real 68k machine: turn on, patch with AROS rom, restart and boot into AROS. But just lokked at the winuae.uae config file and you are right.

I'll try copying the config to use in FS-UAE and also look for Pascal's post.
#4 | magorium on March 28 2013 03:36:14
In the mean time the "not any time soon" shifted to yesterday Grin

Got it up 'n' running... well sort of, it still needs some tweaking to kick its butt Smile

see also this thread.

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