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I'm still alive . . . Another year gone! Happy New Year to all!

01/01/2016 15:23
Survived another one Wink Happy New Year !!!

12/31/2015 13:09
Happy New Year to All Grin

12/31/2015 07:34
Grin Happy New Year Grin

12/31/2015 04:00
HaPpy NeW YeAr AlL...

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AROS Bounties ListPrint


P2PThe following items are open AROS bounties followed by assigned ones already. This list is available here to spread the word and encourage other great coders like you to take the challenge and get rewarded for it while improving AROS.

To see more details please check them at Power2People

OPEN Projects:

  • AHCI SATA Driver      $570.00
  • Animation.datatype    $121.00
  • Package Manager        $240.00
  • SoundBlaster AHI    $133.00
  • 64bit Distro        $436.75
  • CUPS Printing Syst.    $249.00
  • GraphicSystem Clean    $279.00
  • MK2 Installer II    $351.00
  • Qt5 Port            $800.00
  • PyAROS Advanced        $172.50
  • TCP/IP Stack Update    $625.00
  • Wanderer Enhance    $501.00
  • Zune Enhance        $859.00


  • ALSA Driver            $149.60 (COMPLETED)
  • FUSE Filesystems    $524.00 (COMPLETED)
  • MP3 Player            $115.00
  • Scalos To AROS        $635.00
  • Zune Fix Phase 1    $1304.00
  • Zunification 2        $79.00

Another update to Odyssey 1.25 betaPrint


owbKrzysztof 'Deadwood' Śmiechowicz has released an update of Odyssey 1.25 beta with the following changes:

  • Fixed messages console to display messages
  • Made aligned allocation not take additional memory
  • Made memory allocator work better with fragmented memory
  • Fixed major memory leak where Frames were not released together with their JS data - memory no longer continously consumed while browsing
  • Fixed a number of small memory leaks
  • Implemented a more agreesive memory freeing strategy which keeps allocated memory as low as possible

Port Python 2.7 core to AROSPrint


p2pPorting it to AROS not only brings a lot of software, but it allows to quickly create new ones too, and to better manage the system, since Python versatility goes from fast GUI applications prototyping to system administration, from testing to astronomical big data analysis, and so on. Python can be considered the Swiss knife of computer science.

Since the big effort required for the port, this bounty is the first of a series of 5 that will bring this language/platform to AROS. In fact, the port is ideally split in the following 5 parts:

  • Python 2.7 core;
  • PyZune (a complete Python binding for the Zune library);
  • Python 2.7 external libs (bzip2, Berkeley db, openssl, sqlite3);
  • Python 2.7 external libs (tcl, tk). This is optional or with a very low priority, since Tcl/Tk is used to build application with GUI, but for AROS the priority is making the same, albeit using Zune as natural and native replacement;
  • Python 3.5.


Odyssey Web Browser Public Source Code RepositoryPrint


owbI would like to invite interested developers from all platforms to join the Odyssey Web Browser development.

The repository is public, available to everyone and located on GitHub:

The repository contains the latest version of Odyssey (1.25) which:

  • is a continuation of Fab's 1.24 code base
  • is rebased directly on WebKit engine (no longer uses Orygin proxy layer that 1.24 used) for easier integration of new engine versions
  • uses WebKit revision 187682 (end of July version)
  • is rebuilt to support multi-platform development in build configuration and source code

If you are interested in developing a feature in Odyssey, no matter how small, or fixing a bug, no matter how trivial, contact me via email at Don't worry - everybody had to start somewhere! I will help you understand the code base, build process and development approach.

Please spread the news!

PortablE r6 beta releasedPrint

PortablE is a recreation of the AmigaE programming language, along with all the improvements I wanted. PortablE works on AROS, MOS, OS4, and even Windows to an extent! (It should also work on OS3, but compiling needs a powerful machine like WinUAE.)

This is the first proper new release in 2 years, and has been throughly tested on the latest version of AROS x86 (Icaros Desktop Live), and the other supported OSes too.

FreePascal 3.0.1 for i386 AROSPrint


FPCMarcus 'ALB42' Sackrow has ported the recently released version 3.0.0 of the Pascal-compiler Free Pascal to AROS.

Programs written in FPC for AROS:

Shift It GL A tiny thinking game with OpenGL graphics
ColorIt A tiny game with colors
FPCMines A Minesweeper Clone for AROS
ArTorr a simple torrent client for AROS Version 0.1
APict a simple fast image viewer for AROS, Version 1.1
EdiSyn your friendly Editor with Tabs and Syntaxhighlighting
AROS Debug View a debug output viewer, with filter and network support
PasteQuick 0.41 Transfer contents of Clipboard to and receive the link.
Lyapunov generate beautiful fractals
LazSokoban Sokoban game for AROS
BinShifter Shift numbers together to reach high points 

Hex2 a calculator (shell only)
Generate MD5 for a file
TAChartTest A simple function plotter

ShowWindows  A program to list the current windows on screen with parent relation

FPGUI UI Desginer UI designer from the fpgui package.

Odyssey 1.25 BETAPrint


OWBKrzysztof 'Deadwood' Śmiechowicz has released a new beta version of his AROS-port of the MorphOS-Web-Browser: Odyssey. The version from December 1st should fix the problem that the sound is no longer slightly delayed versus video.

Download: (36 MB)

Click on "Read more" for listed changes.

FUSE file system bounty project finishedPrint


The project for implementing the FUSE API including a NTFS-driver for AROS/i386, has been finished by Fredrik Wikstrom. Currently, it has not been added to the AROS-builds but can be downloaded. You can find information about the installation and usage on AROS-Exec. Automounting is not supported yet.

Download: aros-filesysbox-ntfs3g.7z (207 KB)

AROS/68k Vision 2.9.8Print


Olaf Schönweiß` AROS/68k-distribution Aros Vision was updated to version 2.9.8, which mainly improves the user-interface (video).


  • Bootscreen and Bootsound
  • Drag&Drop of files normally moves files
  • many hotkeys
  • Trashcan (can be deleted with hotkey)
  • Alt-Tabber
  • FTP (part of Magellan) added in menu
  • MUI38 again activated makes Ibrowse and amirc useable
  • Free Pascal updated
  • App Store updated, AmiCloud added
  • Smaller optimizations like playing mp3 or mp4 by doubeclick

Renaming picture files: Exutil 0.4 (AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS, AROS)Print


The MUI-based Exutil which was written with Hollywood is a small utility to batch rename pictures by date sorted names based on Exif date information or by file's date.
As of yet this is a very simple tool - in future more functions may be added.

Changes in version 0.4:

  • new: original file name extension gets conserved
  • all kind of files can get renamed now
  • new: file time optionally part of the new name
  • new: content of entire drawers can get renamed



Wings Remastered Edition (AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS)Print


WingsWhile "Wings Remastered Edition" can be purchased at Steam for 15 Euro, the Amiga port costs 55 US-Dollar. But for this money, the game will be delivered in a big box including a printed manual ad a poster.

Ports for AmigaOS 4 with Warp 3D, AmigaOS 4 with RadeonHD-Compositing (for users without 3D-driver), MorphOS and AROS are available. Some graphics bugs which Müßener reduces to bugs in the graphic boards are already known:

  • AmigaOS 4: Warp3D creates some missing polygons in the corner of the screen
  • AmigaOS 4: Compositing should not be used with SouthernIsland and R200 chipsets due to heavy graphics bugs
  • MorphOS: on some systems (e.g. Powerbook Radeon 9700) the lightning of the 3D models does not properly work; the objects appear too dark, the fog has the wrong colour
Direct download:

WingsDemo_AOS4_Warp3D.lha (38 MB)
WingsDemo_AOS4_Compositing.lha (38 MB)
WingsDemo_MorphOS.lha (38 MB) (38 MB)