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A week in AROS...
Week of February 2nd:

- AROS repository reached 50000 commits!
- gimmearos scripts is now able to build AROS m68k (mazze)
Week of February 9th:

- ASL no longer make requesters bigger when opened many time (neil)
- SelectChange event in ListView only fired when selection actually changed (neil)
- Small fixes in russian, belarusian and ukrainian keymaps implemented (polluks)
Week of February 16th:

- Migration of documentation to started (mazze)
- libgc has been updated to version 7.4.2 (Kalamatee)
- Automatic allocation test is now part of nightly test suite (neil)
- Work started on adding CMAKE support to AROS build system (Kalamatee)
- Graphite loop optimization is now enabled in cross compiler tool chain (Kalamatee)
- Documentation on compiling AROS has been updated (neil)
- gmp and mpc libraries used for compiling GCC are now updated (Kalamatee)
Thanks deadwood. Your reports are much appreciated.
Week of February 23rd:

- Work continued on adding CMAKE support to AROS build system. Now used to build OWB (Kalamatee)
- M68k colorwheel gadget now uses fixed-point maths: 17 times faster on sample UAE set-up (neil)
- ltris game updated to new version (Kalamatee)
- Work continued on porting GCC 4.8 and 5 (Kalamatee)
- Fixes to Finnish keymap (mazze)
- Fixes to TLSF version of AllocAbs() function (deadwood)
Week of March 2nd:

- Small updates in Raspberry Pi USB code implemented (Kalamatee)
- log2 and log2f functions have been implemented in AROS math library (Kalamatee)
- Fix has been made in TLSF implementation of AllocAbs function (deadwood)
- Boot preference program now enablea manipulating list of kernel modules (neil)
- WirelessManager reads its icon correctly again (neil)
Week of March 9th:

- glu.library has been updated to most recent version (Kalamatee)
- gl.library can now provide difference implementations when requested (Kalamatee)
- IntelGMA driver now correctly extracts vertical sync from EDID data (neil)
- LibList, ResList and TaskList going out of memory has been fixed (neil)
- MUIA_Colorfield_Pen attribute of Colorfield class is now settable (neil)
Very nice!!! Will some of those updates appear in abiV0 soon?
Week of March 16th:

- Work in RaspberryPi port of AROS continues (Kalamatee)
- IntelGMA driver now dynamically transfers system memory from system to graphics card (neil)
- IntelGMA driver now correctly releases allocated memory (neil)
- LibAllocAligned now correctly works when initial address was aligned (neil)
- Fix for serial debug under RespberryPi 2 has been implemented (mschulz)
- Processor caches and branch prediction enabled in RaspberryPi port of AROS (mschulz)
- Work on including AROSPDF into contrib repository continues (mazze)
- Support for dynamic per io base has been added to RaspeberryPi 2 port (mschulz)
Week of March 23rd:

- Latest version of Szilard Biro's pthread library is now available in AROS (deadwood)
- AROSPDF is now built as part of contrib repository (mazze)
- fat.handler will now report modification dates rounded up to next even second (neil)
- Kernel of RaspberryPi port now has an unified method of exposing peripheral base address (Kalamatee)
- Work started on gpio.resource that will expose the RaspberryPi GPIO pins (Kalamatee)
- t1lib library now correctly handles absolute paths (mazze)
- Write-back cache has been enabled in the RaspberryPi kernel (mschulz)
Thank you sir! Wink
Week of March 30th:

- abcm2ps and potrace has been updated to newer versions (mazze)
- ZuneView has been update to latest version (mazze)
- Toolbar MUI class now works on Amiga-m68k port of AROS (wawa)
- BWins MUI class now fixed and included in nighly build of AROS (wawa)
- AROS port of DOSBox now included in ports repository of AROS (mazze)
Week of April 6th:

- Notification of MUIA_Listview_ClickColumn in certain condition is now fixed. (neil)
- MUIM_List_TestPos now treats the last column as extending to the right-hand edge of the list. (neil)
- Development of AROS kernel for RaspberryPi port continues (mschulz, Kalamatee)
- Fix for manipulating event handlers in Listview MUI class has been implemented (neil)
- Configuration file for AROS RaspberryPi kernel is now generated during build (Kalamatee)
- Kernel area of RaspberryPi port is now memory-protected against writes (mschulz)
- RaspberryPi port of AROS now use TLSF memory menager (mschulz)
- Work on porting AROSPDF continues (mazze)
- A separate download web-page for snapshot builds compatible with ABIV1 is now available (mazze)
- ABIV0 and ABIV1 download packages are now hosted on separate download pages (neil, deadwood)
- RaspberryPi AROS kernel no longer enters supervisor mode for data synchronization under certain conditions (mschulz)
- Implementation of cache control functions for ARM kernels has been started (mschulz)
- Implementation of translation between virtual and physical addresses functions for ARM kernels has been started (mschulz)
- AROS kernel for ARM architecture is now able to detect the number of existing processor cores (Kalamatee)
- ZuneARC is now part of AROS ports repository (mazze)
Edited by deadwood on 04/13/2015 09:06
Week of April 13th:

- VisualBoyAdvanced emulator is now part of AROS ports repositor (mazze)
- Development of AROS kernel for RaspberryPi port continues (mschulz, Kalamatee)
- Procedure for detecting number of existing processor cores improved (Kamalatee)
- Work on USB driver for RaspberryPi port resumes (Kalamatee)
- A memory corruption bug in GrafX2 has been fixed (mazze)
- Reading status registers in sdcard.device has been improved (mschulz)
- Problem which could cause trashing of kernel area for RaspberryPi port has been fixed (Kalamatee)
- Lunapaint now builds as part of AROS ports repository (mazze)
- 64-bit shift operations for ARM platform are now implemented (mschulz)
- Child objects added to disabled MUI Group object are now also disabled (neil)
- List and Scrollbar objects are no longer wrapped into internal Group object in Listview (neil)
- Code for aligned allocations in TLSF now has better checks agaist null allocations (deadwood)
- Builds of ABIV1 ports repository for m68k and i386 are now available on, ABIV1 snaphots section (mazze)
- Switching between user and system mode in ARM kernel interrupt handling has been fixed (mschulz)
- OpenGL software renderer for m68k AROS no longer shows wrong colors (wawa)
- Integer to double operations for ARM platform are now implemented (mschulz)
- ARM kernel interrupt handling has been improved and simplified (mschulz)
- Builds of ABIV0 ports repository for i386 and armhf are now available (deadwood)
- Interrupt acknowledgment for VBlank emulation and timer now works correctly in ARM kernel (mschulz)
- Idle task routine in ARM kernel is now implemented (mschulz)
Week of April 20th:

- Pendisplay MUI class how correctly handles pen data and issues notifications when needed (neil)
- Development of AROS kernel for RaspberryPi port continues (mschulz, Kalamatee)
- AROS website now contains section on testing specification (neil)
- Additional RaspberryPi 2 CPU cores are now woken up and await for interrupts (mschulz)
- Colorfield MUI class now correctly initializes and sends notifications (neil)
- MUI_PenSpec structure is not corrected to be source compatible (neil)
- 64bit integer to double conversion for ARM platform is now available (mschulz)
- Work on porting APDF continues (mazze)
- "Ignore Workbench/Shell" option in Snoopy now works correctly (mazze)
- State of VFP registers is now correctly saved and restored on ARM platform (mschulz)
Week of April 27th:

- Development of AROS kernel for RaspberryPi port continues (mschulz, Kalamatee)
- Work on per CPU core of handling of SysBase for AROS ARM kernel started (Kalamatee)
- Work on task scheduler for AROS ARM kernel started (Kalamatee)
- Accessing the current task has been cleaned up in exec.library codes (mschulz)
- task.resource module has been introduced to allow access to AROS-specific task information (Kalamatee)
- C:TaskList has been updated to use task.resource (Kalamatee)
- task.resource has been extended with functionality of querying task lists (Kalamatee)
- AROS ARM kernel now records start time and running time of task (Kalamatee)
- Support for spinlock primitive has been added to AROS kernel (Kalamatee)
- Basic support for Inter-processor Interrupts implemented in AROS ARM kernel (mschulz)
- AMR-specific implementation of spinlocks has been added to AROS kernel (mschulz)
- AHCI driver no longer constantly mounts/unmounts the medium (dizzyofcrn)
- Crashes and memory leaks have been fixed in AROS Vim port (mazze)
- xxd tool is now build together with Vim (mazze)
Week of May 4th:

- Work on Inter-processor Interrupts in AROS ARM kernel continues (Kalamatee)
- Memory pool semaphore protection now works correctly when using TLSF mememory manager (deadwood)
- Task scheduler in ARM kernel updated to correctly move running/ready tasks (Kalamatee)
- Idle tasks are now started on additional CPU cores in ARM kernel (Kalamatee)
- Work on USB3.0 support continues (dizzyofcrn)
- SDL application will no longer exit with unfreed signals (mazze)
- ScreenRecorder tool now has german catalog (polluks)
Week of May 11th:

- Work on having higher priority tasks yield when spinning started (Kalamatee)
- Work on USB3.0 support continues (dizzyofcrn)
- Tasks which are spinning are moved to separate list now in AROS ARM kernel (Kalamatee)
- Work on scheduler of ARM kernel continues (Kalamatee)
- Testing specification for String class added (neil)
- MUI String class now does a display-beep in case of rejected character (neil)
- MUIA_String_BufferPos attriute of MUI String class is now initializable (neil)
- MUIA_String_Format attribute of MUI String class is now gettable (neil)
- Rocks and Diamonds game is now part of ports repository of AROS (mazze)
- MUI Aboutbox custom class now displays the build information (deadwood)
- UI bug in Poseidon pop up window fixed (Kalamatee)
- Handling of scheduling flags has been made mutli-core aware (Kalamatee)
Week of May 18th:

- Regression in CPU cache handling impacting at least AGP and USB on i386 has been fixed (neil)
- A performance regression in IntelGMA driver has been fixed (neil)
- Work on per CPU task handling for AROS ARM kernel continue (Kalamatee)
- Handling of secret text in MUI String class has been improved (neil)
- Handling of partitions list in HDToolBox has been improved (neil)
- FindTask implementation has been extended to look at spinning tasks (Kalamatee)
- A crash in FTManager when selecting anti-aliasing has been fixed (neil)
Thank you for your posts
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