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A week in AROS...
Week of March 6th:
- Autodocs available at has been refreshed (mazze)
- Work on USB hosted driver continues (DizzyOfCRN)
- WaitPort Exec function has been made SMP-safe (Kalamatee)
- A bug in task scheduler in AROS i386/x86_64 has been fixed (mschulz)
- Task finalization is beeing extended with SMP logic (Kalamatee)
- A SMP-enabled raytracer test has been implemented (mschulz)
- Bug in MUI Graph class has been fixed (Kalamatee)
- kms.library now handles situation when keymap is not available (Kalamatee)
Week of March 13th:
- Windows user port message list is now read protected while intuition iterates over it (Kalamatee)
- Timer's list is now protected in SMP scenarios (Kalamatee)
- AROS x86_64 SMP builds are now available on (Kalamatee)
- Bug in signalling CPU cores has been corrected (mschulz)
- Work on handling ACPI power button events has started (Kalamatee)
- Work on handling inter-processor interrupts continues (mschulz)
- Layout of SysExplorer has been corrected (Kalamatee)
- Workaround for keymaps crashing x86_64 AROS has been implemented (Kalamatee)
- Editor tool has been corrected to work under 64bit (Kalamatee)
- Crash when using Signal() in interrupts has been fixed (mschulz)
- AHI has been corrected to work under 64bit (Kalamatee)
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