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Grub AutoConfig?

I have recently installed AspireOS on HP Mini 1000 along side PearOS Linux. Problem is that I installed AspireOS after, which wiped my grub config to boot in linux and now I only have the AROS menu entries.

How do I auto-configure grub in AROS to bring the linux boot items back? I found online there is a utility called grub-mkconfig but I can seem to find it in AspireOS.

Any idea?
That is not going to solve itself automatically Sad

Here you can read more. afaik you would need to add your linux entry manually.

As you can see, you should have done it the other way around Angry

But no harm, if you know where your linux was installed. Be aware that the drive-index-numbers have changed with grub 2. i have no idea what aspireos uses (as it is rather old now).
Thanks Magorium. I will look into it next week end. This week is going to be busy for me
I managed to make it work. I installed ElementaryOS to replace PearOS. Once done I was able to go in eOS and modify the grub config to add the AROS entries in there. Now the options come up when I hold the shift key down upon boot.
Nice you got things working. hopefully you'll be able to enjoy.

ElementaryOS.... hmz, you are not the person that uses the most mainstream solutions, are you ?

ah well, aros isn't that mainstream as well Grin

in case of aros problems, you'll know where to find me Cool

ElementaryOS.... hmz, you are not the person that uses the most mainstream solutions, are you ?

Hey Magorium, ElementaryOS is basically Ubuntu Linux but packed in a more user friendly way. The UI is very similar to MAC OS X with some additional perks. It works very well on my HP Mini 1000 with 1GB RAM, it's lightweight, simple but yet elegant. You should take a look at it yourself. That's the kind of interface I envision one day for AROS.
Hi amigamia,

Now that i read back my writings, i realize that may have sounded a bit reproached (which wasn't my intention). sorry for that.

Seeing the specs of the machine (which are pretty similar as my eebox) i will certainly try that (if even to check out the gui as you mentioned).

I've used eeebuntu in the past (but that seems currently dead, or as they call it 'integrated in mainstream ubuntu' ), and now have ubuntu installed with wubi.(unfortunately i still do require the windblows part, which i currently cannot solve with whine).

thanks for the mentioning, otherwise i would not have found it myself (i'm such a no-no when it comes to such things Grin )
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