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AmbasaOS now comes with AROS pre-installed....
The free version of AmbasaOS will now come with both Aros Vision and Icaros Desktop preinstalled.

System Recommendations:

2.20GHz AMD Athlon II Dual-Core or compatible microprocessor

1MB L2 cache

3GB DDR3 system memory

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 or compatible graphic card.

320GB Hard Drive (5400RPM)

DVD-RW drive

1366x768 or higher resolution

Linux Based. Windows compatibility is limited to the protocols supported by wine 1.7.4 or above.

Login: main
Password: password


Thanks fatman2021.

I already tried to do some research (for a newspost), but maybe it's easier if you would just tell where the official website is/are ?

It seems you tried very hard to give some rumour about it on the net already (lichten..., launchpad, youtube, github, etc) Wink

Oh, and ofcourse a very welcome here on arosworld Grin

Thank You...

The link to the official webpage is:

Ah yes, thank you fatman2021 :thumbsup:

Are you aware that that website is problematic for some people ? e.g. html-5/javascript incapable browsers (like on phones or other unsupported browsers) ?

That's also part of the reason i could not find many info on this project yet... I 'guess' the project is based on linux/qemu ? Which distro is used ? What else is possible ? The 'free version' suggest there is a 'payable' version, so where to pay ? If pay, what do you get ? etc. etc.

Perhaps all those questions have obvious answers (for you, as you are the creator), but most people like to have all kind of such information before actually taking the time for downloading (relative to aros) big files like that from 'shady' dowloadlocations (like dropbox).

Not meant as negative comment on your project, just a honest observation from my part (that hopefully can aid your project).

AmbasaOS is based off of Ubuntu and comes with wine, virtualbox open source edition, and kvm/qemu pre-installed. Future versions of AmbasaOS are also going to use components from Debian and Trisquel and will target next generation computers and mobile devices.

The payable version was available throught ebay, however we suspended sales because we were not making enough money to cover the costs(DVDs, labels, ink, shipping).

I would love to use something other than dropbox, but right now it is the best that I can do with the limited resources that I have.

As far as the website is concerned Wix says that the website should work on mobile devices.
Thank you for the additional information as well as an alternative download location.

Sorry for not posting earlier, A) i'm lazy Grin and B ) was not able to download earlier.

I've posted the news. In case there something wrong with it or would like other adjustments to it then please send a pm.
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