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[Goal Reached] Tower 57, pixel art Chaos Engine homage, posible port for AROS
If the Amiga Stretch goal is reached, it will be ported to AROS, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. We still have time to help.

Copied and pasted from the Update 20 of the kickstarter page:

Quick Announcement:

In addition to the new character, I also wanted to point out to our retro-loving backers that after consulting with Daniel / Daytona675x, we are adding AROS to the list of supported Amiga platforms Smile (provided of course that we reach the stretch goal).[quote]

note: bold style added by me.

And the link to the kickstater page
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I pledged and I'm happy to see that beeing funded! Looking forward to playing on AROS :-)
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