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SimpleMail and IMAP

I'm trying to setup SimpleMail 0.36 to use my yahoo and gmail imap accounts, as I have them in other clients (like SimpleMail for MorphOS) but no luck.

After some time I get the message: "Unexpected server answer. Connection failed."

Has anybody tried it? I'm using Icaros 2.0.3
Unfortunately, simplemail 0.36 is a little outdated.

If you'll look at the releases after 0.36, you'll notice quit a lot of improvements/fixes regarding IMAP.

At least that would explain the difficulties you might experience.

yeah, it is old. I' ve tried 0.37 too. I hope the latest would be ported soon.

Meanwhile, I'll try with the latest aos3 version under emulation to see if it works.

Just read the Icaros manual and network is not supported under AROS68k nor AOS3, so no imap for now Frown
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Isn't IMAP supported only in MorphOS version of SimpleMAIL? I think I read about it in AmigaFuture

it also works under AOS4. I had hope the same for AROS, as it have the option to select POP or IMAP in the settings. But MorphOS and AOS4 have newer versions, although IMAP support seems to be very basic yet.

I'm searching por an alternative. I might have found something interesting Wink

i had a quick look at the sources, and was unable to find direct evidence for AROS specific ifdef's in order to not include imap support. Having that said, it could very well certain parts are not included (at all) for AROS.

Speaking of those sources, is our MUI so different from MOS/OS4 that all those AROS specific ifdef's are required to f.i. call/link class methods ?
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